MOPOD suddenly by itself as Fanmi lavalas and KID change course

Two major decisions that took place today suddenly made MOPOD realized that it is in a ship by itself that is quickly taking on water. KID is no longer part of MOPOD and Fanmi lavalas has decided to join the Dialogue.


Evans Paul (K-plim) announced this morning that KID is no longer part of MOPOD, stating that a dialogue is the only way to find a solution to the problems in Haiti.

In an other development, Ansyto Félix announced that Fanmi lavalas will take part of the discussion. That was followed by the presence of the coordinator of the party, Doctor Maryse Narcisse on Monday at the dialogue.

Mezanmi tout moun kite MOPOD oui!

Eske MOPOD pa pran nan yo bagay kote yo kite realite-a deyè net.

Li ta samble ke MOPOD ape pèdi Plim! Si li pa change davi, MOPOD ap rete san plim.

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Subject: MOPOD suddenly by itself as Fanmi lavalas and KID change course edit

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