Yo touye yon jèn fi ayisyen apre li te kidnape ak tòtire

Yon fwa ou kidnape an Ayiti, ou pa gen okenn garanti ke ou pral vin soti vivan, menm si ou kapab peye ranson. Malerezman, sa a se ka yon ti fi ayisyen, 23 ane, Lencie Mirville, ki te kidnape, tòtire, epi finalman touye malgre yon ranson de $ 50,000 fanmi li te bay kidnapè yo. Lencie Mirville te kidnape alantou 5:00 PM, 3 Desanm dènye, tou pre legliz li. Kidnapè yo te mande $ 150,000 US pou yo lage l '. Apre negosyasyon, fanmi an te kapab vini ak $ 50,000 US, ke yo ranmase nan men zanmi ak fanmi, epi bay li a kidnapè yo nan Lendi swa. Malgre tout efò sa yo nan men fanmi l ', an Madi, 8 Desanm, yo te jwenn Lencie Mirville nan zòn Morne Caradeau nan Route de L'Amitie nan Jakmèl, tòtire anvan li te mouri.


Jenn fi sa te gen yon avni briyan devan l '. Yon ansyen elèv nan University Quisqueya, Pòtoprens, Lencie Mirville te kidnape egzakteman yon sèl jou anvan vòl l 'nan Kanada kote li te sipoze ale pou kontinye ak etid li.

Kisa ou panse?


Young Haitian girl kidnapped, tortured, killed after a $50,000 Ransom

Once you are kidnapped in Haiti, there is no guarantee that you will come out alive, whether or not you are able to pay ransom. Sadly, this is the case of a 23 years Haitian girl, Lencie Mirville, who was kidnapped, tortured and finally killed despite a ransom of $50,000 delivered to the kidnappers. Lencie Mirville was kidnapped around 5:00PM on December 3 close to her church by some individuals who asked $150,000 US for her release. After negotiation, the family was able to come up with $50,000 US, collected from friends, family and relatives, and deliver to the kidnappers on Monday night. Despite all these efforts from her family, Lencie Mirville was found on Tuesday, December 8, in the area of Morne Caradeau in Route de L'amitie in Jacmel, tortured before she was killed.

The young lady had a bright future in front of her. A former student at the University of Quisqueya in Port-au-Prince, Lencie Mirville was kidnapped one day before her flight to Canada where she was supposed to go to continue with her studies.

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