Kita Nago, from Les Irois to Ouanaminthe, a symbol of Haitian Unity

Who would have thought that Haitians could decide to start a pilgrimage or parade by taking a piece of wood from one end of Haiti to the other end, on food and no compensation?


Harry Nicolas, nicknamed Mèt Fèy Vèt did. Harry Nicholas the person who came up with the idea of Kita Nago is a true Haitian believer. He is the one who came up with the idea of organizing a movement were Haitians would carry for not less than 700 kilometers from Les Irois to Ouanaminthe. They will be walking across Haiti, from the western tip southern peninsula, all the way to the northeast corner of Haiti.

As the people have been involved in carrying Kita Nago, the movement has generated a buzz as thousands of people including politicians, law enforcement, businessmen, musicians, and others join in to become part of the pilgrimage that symbolizes national unity. The movement took a greater magnitude as it arrived in the Haitian Capital Port-au-Prince, to take a 24 hour rest at the foot of the Nèg Mawon statue. Haitian President Michel Martelly as well as the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe were present to welcome Kita Nago in the Champ de Mars on January 14, 2013.

The final destination of Kita Nago pilgrimage is the city of Oanaminthe where it will arrive later to be exhibited.

Harry Nicolas AKA Mèt Fèy Vèt , the originator of the movement, said he did not expect the Kita Nago movement would become so popular.

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Louis Jacmel says...


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Julianna says...

Ane a change, Ayisyen ap change tou. Kita nago se proof ke Ayisyen ka mete tet yo ansanm pou yo travay e realize bon bagay nan peyi. Mwen byen kontan we unite sa e mwen swete li kontinye paske peyi nou ka change le nou mete tet nou ansanm.

Kontinye support

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Subject: Kita Nago, from Les Irois to Ouanaminthe, a symbol of Haitian Unity edit

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