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19th Edition of Livres en Folie at the Historic Park of Cane a Sucre

The 19th annual Book Madness happened on May 30th in Tabarre, Haiti. It was held at Sugar Cane Park and 129 Haitian writers were present to autograph copies of their work.

Josette Darguste, Minister of Culture, expressed her appreciation to Unibank and Le Nouvelliste, for their monetary support to make the event a success. In turn, Executive Editor, Frantz Duval of Le Nouvelliste, said he was grateful for the continuing support of President Martelly and the Ministry of Culture for its commitment in promoting Haitian writers. Next to offer his thanks, Unibank spokesman, Guy Supplice, said the Haitian government was to be praised for its fourth year of active involvement in the event. He added 14 rural towns in Haiti would be holding 2013's Book Madness.

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Francois-Nicolas Duvalier to rehabilitate Family image

Francois-Nicolas Duvalier, son of Jean Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier and grandson of François "Papa Doc" Duvalier, published an editorial in Le Nouvelliste, just days before the 50th anniversary of the massacre of innocent citizens of Haiti by Papa Doc. The young Francois-Nicolas Duvalier published this editorial with a hope or re-wrapping the legacy of Papa Doc. Nicolas Duvalier works in President Michel Martelly's National Palace. The editorial was published on April 19 and was titled, 'In memoriam Dr. Francois Duvalier, President for Life'.

The editorial stated that Papa Doc actually valued the interests of the Haitians and used his sharp mind to defend the values of the Republic of Haiti with utmost dedication and integrity. Nicolas Duvalier also stated in the editorial that Papa Doc was a great nationalist, a prominent politician and a dynamic and enterprising head of the nation who had an image similar to those who built the world's first black republic.

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Le Nouvelliste celebrates 115th year anniversary

Founded on May 2, 1898 by Guillaume Chéraquit, Le Nouvelliste is Haiti's oldest and biggest daily newspaper. Le Nouvelliste started as "Le Matin" and was renamed to its present name just fifteen months later. The newspaper is printed in French and is distributed throughout Haiti, especially in the capital and in 18 of Haiti's major cities.

The newspaper celebrated its 115th anniversary on May 2, 2013. Speaking about this prestigious occasion, Editor in Chief, Frantz Duval said that there would be an open house that would be held at the newly renovated premises of Rue de Centre. He also mentioned that the open house would present an opportunity for the public to meet with the journalists and the management of the daily.

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Le Nouvelliste's Comeback after 2010 Earthquake

Le Nouvelliste, Haiti's first-published newspaper, was struck down during the 2010 earthquake. Struggling for the next three months to keep publishing, it managed to put out 12 issues. The paper's online presence was uninterrupted, keeping subscribers up-to-date with the latest news developments.

Le Nouvelliste retains the distinction of being Haiti's one daily publication, committed to unimpeded dispersal of news information. Its mission is providing a channel for progressive ideas to emerge within the Haitian community.

Editor-in-chief Frantz Duval, in an interview given to Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), said after the earthquake its circulation figures showed decease in distribution from 15,000 to 10,000 daily issues. Advertising revenues from the publication plummeted. Encouraging, though, has been the return of 30% of its pre-earthquake advertising space, gradually re-appearing. Post-earthquake, news reporting had completely shut down, except for its online site, updated frequently. But by April, Le Nouvelliste's journalists have all returned to work.

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