Death threat: Joseph Lambert to Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Saurel Jacinthe

Claims against one-time Senator and President Michel Martelly's Special Political Advisor, Joseph Lambert, of his making death threats to them, have been filed by his former colleagues. Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Saurel Jacinthe, who worked with Lambert for INITE and LESPWA are alleging, by filing formal complaints with the Court of First Instance, that he has made threats against their lives.


The Government Commissioner, Me Lucmane Delile affirmed his receipt of the complaints in his role as Chief of Parquet. Delille has further stated a desire to become better acquainted with the circumstances before pushing forward with the pending lawsuits. Further corroborating the separate testimonies is Marie Yolene Gilles from RNDDH (National Network for the Defense of Human Rights) who confirms they were in receipt of sworn testimonies from Haitian citizens, though she declined to say specifically from whom. Details of the threats are scarce, but already tales of a plot to murder the two men, once Presidents of the Chamber, on April 29 have also been reported.

The 52 year old Joseph Lambert, who studied agronomy and has held other positions as Rapporteur of Justice for the Defense and Public Safety Commission, and is a member of various committees for Public Works, Finance, Agriculture, Social Affairs etc. has called the claims against him laughable. He asserts that it is Jacinthe who is the criminal, citing this as an explanation of why his accuser is so quick to think up a murder plot. He asks that both Jacinthe and Louis-Jeune relinquish their impunity and be themselves brought to justice as 'ordinary citizens'.

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Subject: Death threat: Joseph Lambert to Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Saurel Jacinthe edit

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