Emeline Michel, Koralen, Jean-Claude Martineau and Edwidge Danticat at Big Night in Little Haiti

Emeline Michel, songwriter born and bred in Haiti, has always flaunted her Haitian roots and she says that the rhythm and lyrics of her 10 albums are all inspired by Haiti and its culture. She says that there is no other element present in her work and it is 100% pure just like Tropicana - a humorous comparison! The poetry-music blend of Emeline Michel at Big Night in Little Haiti is about giving international audience an experience of the Haitian culture without the need to visiting Haiti physically.


For 20 years, Emeline Michel - the vocalist and songwriter, has travelled intensively to help Haitian music spirit penetrate the hearts and souls of global audience. On April 19, she performed at monthly shindig of Little Haiti. This performance was the result of a partnership with O, Miami Poetry Festival.

Emeline has performed at international venues like Arsht Center, Miami-Dade College and others and her this performance was not her first 305 rodeo however, this time artist is a part of extant April poetry lineup of O, Miami. With this participation Emeline Michel joins forces with Koralen - a Haitian poet and Edwidge Danticat who is a poet, a local author and recipient of MacArthur Genius Grant.

Emeline says that since the works of Koralen (Jean-Claude Martineau) and Edwidge Danticat have the same flavor and spice as her work, the result is nothing less than magical. The performances of the trio in the fest is an open call to the Miamians to enhance their stockpile of literature. Emeline says that the fest tickled the cultural curiosity of the people and that people will know that Haiti and her culture are alive and still breathing!

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