Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois Celebrates Mass In Little Haiti

Chibly Langlois is the first Haitian cardinal who was elevated to the College of Cardinals by the Pope Francis on 22 February 2014. He is the youngest among the other men named as cardinals and the only cardinal among the new cardinals at the February 2014 consistory who was not an archbishop. Chibly Langlois is the president of Haiti's Bishops' Conference and the acting bishop of Les Cayes since 15 August 2011.


On Sunday 23 November 2014, at 9:30 am, Langlois celebrated the Mass at Notre Dame d'Haiti in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. South Florida is the home of the largest Haitian Diaspora in the U.S. Cardinal Langlois, as the president of the Haitian bishops' conference, often visits South Florida to hold discussions on the Partnership for the Reconstruction of the Church in Haiti (PROCHE). On this occasion, Rev. Jean Mary Reginald, the administrator at Notre Dame has said, Langlois serves as the representative for Haitians everywhere-- he represents the Haitian church, the Haitian migrants, and symbolizes solidarity between Haitian Catholics and the Vatican. He is our witness before the church.

Cardinal Langlois was present in the occasion in a yellow T- shirt depicting a picture of his face on the front and on the back with a message scribed in Creole "thanking god for blessing Haitians with their first-ever Haitian cardinal". More than a thousand people attended the welcome mass and he was greeted with a round of applause. In the past few months, Langolis has met Haitian Diaspora in Boston and New Jersey, and he has spent time in Haiti and Rome. He said that he understands the responsibility of being the first Haitian cardinal. Selecting 'him' as the cardinal by the Pope is a recognition of Haitian Catholic services. He hopes to unite all Haitians in the church no matter where they live.

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