Little Haiti, Nou Pap Négocye Ou

Little Haiti in Miami has represented a point of reference for the Haitian community in Miami. I would say even the entire United States of America.


When there is trouble in Haiti, where do you think the media come to find more information? "Little Haiti"

When political candidates, elected officials, social activists want to show their support to the Haitian community, where do you think they come? "Little Haiti"

More importantly, when you want to have a good "Haitian Grio" with "Pikliz", where do you think you should go? "Little Haiti"

For all the above mentioned reasons and many more, we should not lose "Little Haiti" in Miami

Now why did I say that?

Many conservatives from the old school do not want the area to be called Little Haiti. "They feel that the designation would endanger the character of the area" generally known as Lemon City, Little River or Buena Vista, "making them less attractive to investors".

Can you identify the Code in the above statement?

" Discrimination Undercover"

Two Haitian activists, along with a County Commissioner are fighting to keep the name "Little Haiti" alive and to make the city officially recognize it. Gepsie Metellus, executive director of the Haitian community center Sant La and Marleine Bastien, executive director of Haitian Women of Miami are two of the most vocal Haitians in favor of "Little Haiti.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize them for their actions and commitment.

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