Viter Juste, AKA Pere Juste, the Father of Little Haiti in Miami died at the age of 87

Considered the father of Miami Little Haiti area, Viter Juste, AKA Pere Juste is widely known for establish the name "Little Haiti. Viter Juste was a visionary and a pioneer. Many people would tell you that this man deserves much of the credit for helping South Florida's Haitian community become the thriving group it is today.


Viter Juste wanted Haitians in South Florida to build a vibrant community. According to family, Juste wrote an article to The Miami Herald and named it 'Little Port-au-Prince.' However, the Miami Herald edited the title, calling it instead 'Little Haiti.

Over the past several decades, Viter Juste was very happy to see watch the positive transition of the Haitian community in Miami, moving from Haitian immigrant boat people to become a force politically and economically in South Florida

Viter Juste had his businesse "Les Cousins Records and Books" located in Little Haiti, selling French- and Creole-language books and records.

Les Cousins Records and Books, which eventually moved to Little Haiti; the first to publish a French-language weekly, a 12-page newspaper that sold for 25 cents; and the first to start an adult-education program in the evenings, where he not only taught new arrivals English but helped them assimilate into their newly adopted homeland.

Viter Juste, Haitian community pioneer and leader, dies on November 19, 2012 at an assisted-living facility in North Miami at the age of 87

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