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Haitian Writer Louis-Philippe Dalembert

Louis-Philippe Dalembert is an award winning Haitian novelist and poet. He has received many awards and prizes, such as the Scripps College's Spring 2014 Erma Taylor O'Brien Distinguished Visiting Professorship award and the Prix RFO du livre, amongst many others. He writes in French and Haitian Creole, and his works have been translated into several languages, including Danish, German, and Italian.

Dalembert was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1962, to a school teacher and a principal. Within months, his father died and the family's situation immediately became more challenging. He and his mother moved to Bel-Air, where he was raised by multiple female relatives while his mother was away at work. His early years were filled with religious influences and later on, cinema, which was located behind his home. Although he could see the film from a distance, he could not hear it. During this time, he learned to create dialogue and tell a story. He learned how to touch emotions and draw the reader in. His work tugs at his childhood while weaving in his experiences as a traveler, taking the reader on a journey along with him.

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Louis-Philippe Dalembert, Haitian poet and novelist

Spending your formative years clandestinely watching movies from across a ravine could certainly be a surefire way of creating literary gold. It is the truth, at least, in the case of Haitian writer Louis-Philippe Dalembert. Born in 1962, in a time when the cinematic world was taking hold of Haiti and outdoor theatres were popping up all over, Dalembert, like many of the other folks in his neighborhood, gathered to watch the American westerns or Asian action films that often played, making up the dialogue, to themselves or as a collective, to fit the action.

This time was especially formative for Dalembert, who'd spent the first few years of his life growing up in Port-au-Prince, a city under the much stricter rule of 'Papa Doc' Duvalier. Though the happier 60's and 70's were more influential than the first six years of his life, this early period, officiously ruled by his no-nonsense grandmother and the strictures of religion proved necessary sources for one of his later novels, 'Le crayon du bon Dieu n'a pas de gomme'.

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