Lucmane Delille and Gary Desrosiers Team Up to Combat Gang Violence

Department of Justice (DOJ) Commissioner, Lucmane Delille, and National Police of Haiti (PNH) Commissioner, Gary Desrosiers, recently held a press conference about the gang problem and solutions their agencies are taking to control it.


Lucmane Delille made the announcement DOJ has allied with NPH to combat gang-instigated crime. He emphasized the agencies would pursue all kinds of gang activity to bring the crime rate down and secure neighborhood safety. He insisted the DOH and NPH will not let gangs get away with violating the law without consequences. Gary Desrosiers reinforced the two agencies' commitment to secure the safety of citizens. And to ensure criminal activity does not gain a foothold in any neighborhood.

Underscoring the get-tough approach DOH and NPH are taking towards gangs, Gary Desrosiers reported two leaders of base 117 had been apprehended during a police stakeout. Taken into custody in Carradeux were Aurélien Frantz, age 19, and another gang member, Jean-Jacques Wilner, age 23. They have been arrested on probable cause of killing two police officers. A third suspect, Sanon Campès, is being aggressively pursued.

Since the two agencies have come together, the NPH has made upwards of 200 arrests for a variety of gang-related crimes. And the DOH has processed 500-plus cases sent to them. All this activity took place in March 2013. The NPH has also been vigilant in busting drug traffickers in the Central Plateau. Its affiliated agency, Central Directorate of the Judicial Police, has been conducting many successful sting operations there as well.

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