Ezili Freda in Haitian Voodoo Religion

Standing as the rival of the ever fierce mother figure of Ezili Dantor is not an easy place to be, but the beautiful and magical Ezili Freda seems no worse for the position. This Haitian Lwa, known fully as Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Daome, is a love goddess, associated with romance, luck in gambling, luxury, refinement, cleanliness and abundance.


Seen as the mistress figure, rather than as a wife, she is always depicted as a fair, white woman wearing three gold rings for each of her Lwa husbands, Danbala, Ogoun Feray and Met Agwe Tawoyo. Haitians flock to leave offerings of cakes, soap, gold jewelry, basil and perfume to the Lwa's most material girl, in hopes she will grant them the quick success in pecuniary matters she is known for.

Not a god particularly favorable to women, as it is said she rarely possesses them, tries not to touch them when possible and stirs up relationship trouble for them, Metwes Ezili is known to be the patron of gay men. Her colors of favor are pink and white and she is often depicted as a white doll with blonde hair dressed elaborately in pink.

As is perhaps fitting, getting the attention of such a beautiful woman is a hard thing to do. Many people complain about the laziness of Ezili Freda. The complaints are that she rarely sees it fit to answer the prayers of those who offer to her in vain. Some desperate clients give extra, elaborate gifts, hoping to stir up the interest of the fickle Lwa, only to find their circumstances unadjusted, though their pockets bear the strain of the failed attempt.

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