Industrial Revolution in Haiti, Clothing Manufacturer

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is funding Industrial Revolution II LP (IRII), a recently-created Haiti company to manufacture high-quality clothing. The project is good news for the disenfranchised population of the island, who will be given opportunity for employment at wages above the norm for Haiti workers.


IADB will lend IRII approximately one million dollars to bring a Port-au-Prince clothing plant up to current structural standards for production of higher-quality clothing than is currently being produced. The current model for clothing production relies on large volume, small profit-margin merchandise produced for the masses. This manufacturing model depends on securing the cheapest locales for manufacturing its mass output. When production-facility rents become too high, manufacturers find lower-cost facilities in another country.

The IRII model, a creative solution, will show the possibilities of manufacturing quality clothing, while offering workers more job security and benefits such as child care and health services. IRII's hiring will target the Port-au-Prince population, mostly female, who will undergo training to manufacture quality clothing with cutting-edge production means. Excellent work conditions and adherence to environmental policy requirements will ensure steady production levels that can be scaled to adjust to IRII growth cycles.

Rahul Desai, project manager of Opportunities for the Majority (OMJ), a sub-division of IADB, believes in the IRII model of a stable manufacturing environment, employee incentives to maintain quality standards, and significant profit-sharing to benefit employees through programs that will positively affect families and the PAP community.

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