New market place in Village Solidarité Simmonds-Pelé

The almost squalid conditions of the market in which merchants at the Village Solidarité marketplace could not be blamed solely or even mostly on the destruction caused by the earthquake in 2010, for the conditions had been an ongoing part of the lives of the sellers there for quite some time. The approximately 200 merchants at the market in the Simmonds-Pelé community spent the last 15 or so years plying their merchandise amongst garbage, dirt and mud, hoping for a change. The change finally came through help from the government, and funding and support from other bodies.


The construction of a new marketplace for the area's vendors was carried out through help from the Caribbean Development Bank, The World Bank and the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). Not only will sellers have a more hygienic, less potentially dangerous place to work, the marketplace was set up to conduct other functions. According to the Program Director and Senior Technical Advisor for PADF, Erick Déryce, the marketplace will, in the evenings, be a youth center where kids of all ages can come to socialize and study.

All parties have expressed enthusiasm for the venture; among them, the vendors who the market will most benefit. One of their number, Jeanne Lironne Mondésir, called the new market a "Dream come through." The clean up consisted of 18 trucks to clear out the garbage, allowing for a larger number of patrons to the market. The project was funded to the tune of $93, 000, just over $4 million gourds.

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