Michel Martelly set run-off election for January 17, 2016

How can that be possible? A president who has his own candidate in a race is the one running the show. President Michel Martelly has decided to create his own commission to look at alleged frauds for which his political party was accuse of. In addition, knowing already what the decision of his commission will be before they even had the chance to finish their work, President Michel Martelly has set a date for the run-off election which is January 17, 2016. In a speech on Haiti's independence day, he called on all Haitians to respect the rules of the game and to go to the polls on January 17.


I would say that it is very easy to demand that people respect the rules of a game that has been designed by you and for you.

Haitian Kreyol:

Michel Martelly mete dezyem tou eleksyon an pou 17 janvye 2016

Ki jan sa ape fèt la? Yon prezidan ki gen kandida pa li nan yon ras, se li minm ki ape dirije tout bagay. Prezidan Michel Martelly te deside pou kreye komisyon ak manm li chwazi at pwòp tèt li pou gade frod swadizan pati politik li a te fè. Anplis de sa, li konnen deja ki sa desizyon komisyon sa pral ye anvan yo menm te gen chans lan pou fini travay yo, Prezidan Michel Martelly te mete yon dat pou eleksyon dezyem tou an ki se, 17 janvye 2016. Nan yon diskou li fè nan jou endepandans Ayiti, li mande pou tout Ayisyen yo respekte règ jwèt la ak pou yo ale nan biwo vòt yo nan 17 janvye.

Mwen ta ka di ke li trè fasil pou yon nonm mande yon lot pou respekte règleman nan yon jwèt ki te fèt pa ou menm ak ki nan avantaj ou.

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ce toujour con ca moi dabord les autres

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