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President Martelly diagnosed with pulmonary embolism following earlier surgery

President Michel Martelly was flown out of the country on Tuesday evening in a commercial airplane headed for Florida. This was due to chest pains he had been experiencing since his surgery on the right shoulder. On his arrival he was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism which in layman's language is a blood clot in the lungs.

He went on such short notice after his personal doctor advised him to do so upon examining him. He was treated in Miami in an un-disclosed hospital for security reasons. This complication came amidst claims that retired Dominican military officer and a Haitian accomplice were trying to force Martelly from office. The claims had been brought forward by Dominican and Haitian ministers, who supported these allegations with evidence of recorded phone calls between the two suspects. All the same investigations are underway and the retired colonel and his accomplice are yet to be proven guilty. Neighboring countries however have dismissed the allegations terming them as absurd and baseless.

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No Discrimination on Voodoo through Article 297, Government Reassures Vodouisants

There has been concern over article 297 which had been pending since 1935 of Haiti's constitution recently signed by President Michael Martelly. The article, which had not been promulgated yet, was acting against all superstitious practices and Voodoo practice as well. The National Confederation of Haitian Vodoo head, Mrs. Euvonie Auguste, expressed her fears and said that currently, inclusion of article 297 of the constitution removes the legal protection that that voodoo was enjoying for a long time. According to her, Voodoo religion and its followers were bound to be discriminated by law and by the society at large prompting them to seek other means of protection.

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Martelly said Lamothe has Foreign Citizenship, confirmed Deputy Sorel Jacinthe

In a meeting president Michel Martelly is rumored to have admitted prime Minister-designate Laurent Lamothe had foreign nationality. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe had confirmed the rumors but when pursued on the issue he declined to comment. The meeting was first leaked by Senator Jean-Charles. It took place when the former prime minister resigned. Jean-Charles said that the meeting took place after the fall of Daniel Rouzier, Martelly's first choice of a Prime Minister in the summer of 2011.

When the president was asked about the designation of Laurent Lamothe for Prime Minister the president said that he could choose Lamothe because he held citizenship in a foreign country. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe confirmed that President Martelly indeed made this revelation. All this is happening when Laurent is about to be sworn in as prime minister for the region as he was already sworn in by the senate on Tuesday night.

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President Martelly's Surgery in Miami was Successful

On April 5th, 2012 the Haitian president, Michael J. Martelly, underwent an arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder. The surgery was successful and all went well, though he will spend the better of the coming days in South Florida recovering from the effects of the surgery. He had left the country on April 4th 2012 for the surgery. The details of the trip were concealed by the presidential office until Friday. It is said that the surgery has been planned from October 2012, when he had a similar surgery on his left shoulder. The operation was a remedy for bodily problems caused by the strains he encountered when he was a musician.

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Michel Martelly, Felix Bautista and Election Campaign Financing

It is rather ironical that Haiti's president received the coveted Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella from his Dominican counterpart, President Leonel Fernández for exemplary service, while in real sense his involvement in very shoddy and fishy deals was to take the centre stage three days after the proclamation. It now emerges that Martelly's election campaign was partly funded by Felix Bautista, who owns several companies which were awarded reconstruction contracts in a slapdash manner. Martelly is said to have received more than $2.5 million from Bautista, way before he was elected president extending through to his reign as a president.

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November 21, 2007, the flight that did not take place for Michel Martelly

What is going on? Wasn't the decision for President Michel Martelly to finally give his passport as proof that he is in fact a Haitian citizen take care of any doubt? What is the deal with November 21, 2007?

On Thursday, President Michel Martelly accompanied by representatives of several religious groups in Haiti and by U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten, made a public presentation to the press of 8 passports. President Michel Martelly hoped that these passports given to the Haitian senate for verification would put the question about his nationality to rest once and for all.

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Allegation of Coup D'Etat conspiracy against Michel Martelly

Breaking News. President Michel Martelly made a surprise visit during a meeting at the residence of Prime Minister Garry Conille and it was not to praise them. Quite the contrary.

According to information obtained from Radio Kiskeya, one of the senators who was present at the meeting made a phone call to President Martelly, stating that a group of Senators was plotting a coup D'Etat against him.

Some Senators reported that they had to leave as President Martelly became furious and was very offensive toward many of them.

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Michel Martelly is likely to Pardon Former Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier

The question is whether or not the former Haitian dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier, should face trial on corruption and human rights violations? If Haitian president Michel Martelly can have his way, the former Haitian leader will instead have a pardon.

According to an interview given to Associated Press at the World Economic Forum, President Michel Martelly stated that he will respect the independence of the process responsible to determine whether or not Duvalier should face trial on corruption and human rights violations.

Martelly believe that a trial of Jean Claude Duvalier could be explosive to Haiti while we are trying to recover from years of political turmoil and a devastating earthquake two years ago.

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President Michel Martelly has American and Italian Citizenship, So What !

The most important news coming out of Haiti for he past few weeks has been allegation that president Michel Martelly is not only Haitian. According to Senator Moise Jean Charles, The Haitian President has been lying about his citizenship. Moise told everyone that he has proof that our beloved President Martelly holds both American and Italian citizenship and consequently not qualified to be the President of Haiti.

Senator Joseph Lambert confirmed yesterday that two members of the Government cabinet so far have been found to be of foreign nationality. The Commission responsible to investigate the matter plans to travel outside of the country to Washington DC as well as to many other countries to verify the nationality of President Michel Martelly.

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Is President Michel Martelly a Haitian, American or an Italian?

According to the Senator of North, Moise Jean-Charles, The Haitian president in deed has renounced to his Haitian nationality in the past. Michel Martelly in possession of American and Italian citizenship, says Moise Jean-Charles.

Senator Moise Jean-Charles is so certain of his allegation that is already advocating for the removal of President Michel Martelly from office.

"Today is the end for President Martelly, too long he lied to the people, the truth is now clear, leaving only his removal," said Senator Jean-Charles.

The extent and detail of the dossier is unknown at present; however Senator Moise Jean-Charles already released his dossier proving that President Michel Martelly is in possession of American and Italian citizenship

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