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No credible election possible under President Michel Martelly

As per the report submitted by two U.S. organizations of lawyers, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), although the election of October 25, 2015, was less violent than the earlier election on August 9th, it suffered a number of serious problems like low turnout, casting of multiple fraudulent votes, there were many complaints involving fraud and lack of transparency in the vote tabulation process.

The representative observers from these two organizations spent two weeks in Haiti prior to the election day, to observe the process and have ultimately called for an independent investigation of the October 25, 2015 election. As per Mario Joseph, Managing Attorney at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, who is also a member of the IADL's governing Bureau, 90% of the Haitian voters are of opinion that the presidential election on October 25th had been tainted by fraud. Mr. Joseph believes that no credible election is possible under President Michel Martelly's government. "A transitional government is required to properly investigate the fraud allegations and to hold new and fair elections."

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Michel Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina following protest

The meeting that took place between Michel Martelly and Danilo Medina yesterday came after protests by Dominican merchants in Dajabon to close the market serving Haitian merchants following the ban or road transportation of 23 Dominican products. The retailers organizations had called for a boycott on trade between Haiti and Dominican Republic until the Haitian government reverses its decision.

Being in a position of weakness and not able to answer effectively to the demand of the population who has been protesting, setting fire on public buildings, etc.., the Martelly-Paul government has decided to forget about what ever is left in term of character, dignity or prestige as President Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina to ask for forgiveness and to promise that the Haitian government is willing to eat its decision in regard to the 23 Dominican products.

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Martelly and Medina meet on road transport ban

At the request of President Michel Martelly, a high-level meeting between President Michel Martelly and Dominican President Danilo Medina took place today, October 13, 2015 to talk about road transport ban initiated by the Haitian government on 23 products from of the Dominican Republic. The meeting was held at the airport Maria Montez

Does this mean the Haitian government is unable to keep up with his decision?

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Martelly & Medina Meet On Road Transport Ban

On October 13, 2015, at the request of the Haitian President Michelle Martelly, his counterpart, the Dominican President Danilo Medina met him at the airport Maria Montez, in Barahona, Dominican Republic, in a high level meeting to discuss and resolve about the crisis arising out of the transport ban on 23 Dominican items coming to Haiti. After the meeting, both the Presidents have vowed to establish a committee to find ways for the trade dispute arising out of the ban within a fortnight. Haitian ban has earned the ire of both the Dominican government and merchants because as per their statements it violates the bilateral agreements between the countries.

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Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

At the end of his term in office, President Michel Martelly suddenly feels desperate in regard to his legacy. For all the energies invested for the past five years it appears to him that history might not be kind to him after all. So at this point it appears that our President Michel Martelly can no longer hold his frustration. He is hungry, mad, insane, mentally ill, deranged, demented, sick in the head, crazed. This is the only way to explain his behavior last week as he went further than ever before in his insulting remarks toward the woman he was addressing n the crowd.

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Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe, the betrayal

I saw this quote one day and I want to share it with you: "Those who don't know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal". I think this is probably what former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is feeling at this time. Having been in so many struggle with Michel Martelly, now that he wants his help, he could not get it.

According to president Michel Martelly, betrayal is out of the question when it comes to his relationship with Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. " I don't have any problem with Laurent lamothe" said Martelly in the interview given to Le Nouvelliste. "I could never think that Lamothe woud think that I betrayed him. I think that the people around Lamothe who want power could make him think that I betrayed him.

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Thomas Shannon and Diosdado Cabello met in Haiti

Haitian President Michel Martelly is credited for arranging a high level meeting between the United States and Venezuela. Mr. Diosdado Cabello who is considered as the second most powerful person in Venezuela after President Nicolas Maduro met on Saturday with U.S. State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon based on an arrangement orchestrated by Haitian President Michel Martelly.

The objective of the meeting was to work on U.S. Venezuela relations amid high tension between the two countries. The two met for an hour and half on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Diosdado Cabello was accompanied by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez. It is likely that the two countries would move toward the restoration of their relationship as Venezuela demands respect to international law, sovereignty and their self-determination.

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Should Michel Martelly sign a Decree to Discharge his friend Lamothe?

Haitian President Michel Martelly found himself once again between a Rock and a Hard Place with the election issue. All eyes are now looking at him as the time for the candidates interested in running for various elected posts are around the corner.

Before the deadline for the candidates to register arrives, President Michel Martelly must make the decision on whether to issue that Decree to allow friends such as Former Prime Ministers Laurent Lamothe and Jean Max Bellerive to run for president.

Currently, the only way for the former Prime Ministers as well as a long list of former Senators, Deputies and other who have managed public funds to be qualified to run in the next election is to receive a Discharge. The Parliament that is required to issue such Discharge does not exist. The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes does not issue discharges; however they recently issue a report that would make a potential decision by the President to issue that Decree ten time harder. The report found several actions conducted during the administration of both Bellerive and Lamothe as "Irregular".

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Demand for resignation of Michel Martelly, release of political prisoners and to political persecution

The opposition party of Haiti organized and undertook a demonstration on November 25 as part of their greater campaign to overthrow the current Haitian government run by President Michel Martelly. This recent event is only one of a spate of such demonstrations, including some that have turned violent enough to result in bodily harm to some participants. Reports from protests staged in Delmas have reported at least three people having sustained gunshot wounds.

During the protest on November 25, the demonstrators chanted the month-old mantra for the resignation of President Martelly. To this familiar cry they also added the demand for the political prisoners to be let go, and for widespread political persecution. The momentum gathered from this day led to further demonstrations on the 28th and the 29th of November, as the fire that was steadily brewing for the ousting of the present administration continues to kindle to fever pitch.

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President Michel Martelly welcomes re-election of Dilma Rousseff

Haitian heads of state President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe have sent their heartiest congratulations to newly re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Martelly expressed the government of Haiti looks forward to ". . . its commitment to strengthen and consolidate the relations of friendship and cooperation that exist between Haiti and Brazil."Rousseff, who ran as a Workers Party candidate, barely edged out Aecio Neves, winning 51.64% to 48.36%. She was able to amass a huge campaign war chest and ran ads promising to lift the living standards of the poor, and they turned out in great numbers to vote for her.

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