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You can now travel the streets of Cap-Haitian by Boat, thanks to flood

The flood of November 2014 brought a new reality to the people in Cap-Haitian. Instead of getting a car, bicycle or a "Bourette", people now realized that they might want to invest in a boat and leave it at home or in their back yard. The use of a boat can actually become very useful in the city specially during flood that tend to occur more frequently.

Whether it is caused by lack of maintenance on the part of the Haitian government in these rivers around the city, a neglect from the public sector to manage garbage collected by the citizens of Cap-Haitian and that the people have no choice but to dispose of their garbage in the streets or it is just an effect of the global warming, we need to get ready.

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Michel Martelly getting some points from Rene Preval on how to handle the opposition

Following a disaster on Monday where President Michel Martelly was left stoop up at Hotel Caribe, he has decided to get some advise from a man who has quite an experience with Haitian Politic. Michel Martelly welcomed Rene Preval at the National Palace today, October 14, 2014 and the two spent some time discussing the current political situation in Haiti.

So far, Rene Preval has been the only Haitian president who has completed two full terms. Michel Martelly to the the media after their meeting that the two discussed a variety of issue including elections, agriculture, Education, the environment, reforestation, and other. He also stated that Preval proved that he knew how to negotiate because he was able to reach agreement with different sectors while in office.

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Opposition senators refuse to meet President Michel Martelly, not a smart move

For the 3rd time, the opposition senators or specifically the member of G6 were not present at the meeting with the Haitian President, Michel Martelly. President Michel Martelly has gone has gone an extra mile and has demonstrated flexibility. This time, he left the responsibility to schedule meeting with the group of 6 to Senator Desras. The President would like to have it on October 3, not in the National palace but rather in a place that would be determined between them.

One thing I was told a long time ago and still believe in is that: No one has the monopoly on the true.

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Michel Martelly visits Wall Street Journal's New York headquarters

President Martelly stopped by the Wall Street Journal in New York to discuss ideas to stabilize and grow his country's economy. It is well-known Haiti was immobilized by 2010's earthquake, with a death toll of 100,000-plus. Ever since the island has labored to draw the interest of international private investors for reconstruction projects.

Public and private investment partnerships, domestic or foreign, have been at the top of Martelly's agenda. He has realized the shambles of the country's infrastructure have rendered it in the eyes of the world ". . . as a basket case . . . whose only hope lay in attracting charitable aid."

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Moise Jean Charles demands to stop all meetings with Michel Martelly

Breaking news. Senator Moise Jean Charles made the news this Saturday on Ranmasse. He publicly demands that all meetings with President Michel Martelly should stop. Any scheduled meeting by the opposition with the president should be cancelled because they are for the international consumption.

According to Senator Moise Jean Charles President Michel Martelly is scheduled to take the stage at the United Nation (UN) this coming week and he wants to use these meetings to show the international community during his speech that democracy is moving forward and that he's talking to everyone in the country. According to the Senator of North, the President is not really serious and doesn't have any real plan to continue with these meetings, pass his UN presentation

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Senators of G6 Opposition pull the break on meeting with Michel Martelly

Not so fast man, that is the reaction of the 6 Senators in opposition who were supposed to meet with President Michel Martelly at the National Palace today. They were supposed to meet meeting this Monday, 01 September 2014, at 11am to find ways to iron their differences.

I can picture this already: Michel Martelly coming out of the meeting with Senator Moise Jean Charles, hugging each other. Don't keep your hope, this will never happen

No meeting with President Michel martelly will take place until the Senators meet with the real political parties in opposition. This meeting is scheduled to take place on September 2nd.

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President Michel Martelly in Brazil for the World Cup Final Argentina-Germany

It doesn't matter whether or not you can't go to Brazil to watch the 2014 World Cup Soccer final between the two best teams Argentine and Germany. Haiti will be officially represented. Our own president Michel Martelly will be present at the final game.

President Michel Martelly will be in Brazil on Sunday (July 13, 2014) for the final match of the 2014 World Cup between Argentina and Germany. The game will be held at Maracana Stadium.

There are many other heads of states who will also be present at the game, including: Vladimir Putin, the Presidents of Russia, Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, János Áder of Hungary. Also, Denis Sassou-Nguesso, of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, the President of China.

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Martelly Delivers Speech on Education System Challenges

A discourse is taking place within the government of Haiti (GOH) concerning the quality of education. President Martelly recently spoke to a delegation of educators about the underdevelopment of Haiti's education system. His speech was delivered at the Royal Oasis Hotel with Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Nesmy Manigat, present. It was the occasion of the National Assizes on the Quality of Education Conference.

Martelly dragged out old platitudes, ". . . that . . . education . . . will improve the economic and social conditions of the population." Martelly also used a new buzz word, "inclusion", to urge its application ". . . from kindergarten to university . . ." He added the way out of poverty is ". . . for all children to have a solid education." He called upon his government to commit to teacher training, more school textbooks, school construction and maintenance, and school lunch programs.

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Opposition tried unsuccessfully to join Martelly in Champ-de-Mars

Clearly, the opposition was not invited to the big celebration given in Champ-de-Mars by the Martelly supporters. Not only they were not invited, when they tried to participate regardless, they were confronted with tear gas and gun fire.

The manifestation against the government of Michel Martelly was unable to reach Champ-de-Mars as they were expected to clash with the supporters of the president.

The opposition, headed by MOPOD, MONOP and FOPARK attempted to organize their own demonstration that the three years of Michel Martelly in office instead has to do with misery, corruption, decay.

They insist that they will not go to election with Michel Martelly. As the protest headed to Chand-de mars, Police used Tear gas. Manifestant reacted by breaking everything on the way

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Michel Martelly celebrating three years in Office

This is something you can see for yourself. The third anniversary of the Government of Michel Martelly was celebrated in Champ-de-Mars this Wednesday, May 14, 2014 in front of an imposing crowd.

According to the number of people who were present at Champ-de-Mars to celebrate with the president, I can only make two conclusions: it's either the government or its supporters did a great job to gather all these people in Champ-de-Mars or the population is really satisfied with the accomplishments of his government.

Here is the video showing a large crowd of people in Champ-de-Mars to celebrate the three years of Michel Martelly in office

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