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Mathias Pierre moved to support candidate Jean Charles Moise

Faced with the reality that he will not do well in the upcoming Presidential elections in Haiti, candidate Mathias Pierre has decided to call it quit and to urge his supporters to move to Moise Jean Charles' camp. The candidate of the political party Konsyans Patriyotik made it public on Monday his decision to no longer run and as he stated to throw his unconditional support to candidate Moise Jean Charles whom he thinks has a better chance of winning.

WATCH VIDEO: Mathias Pierre moved to Jean Charles Moise camp

Mathias Pierre explained his decision to support the candidate of Pitit Desalin because of what the later stands for, specifically. He thinks that there is a current danger where President Michel Martelly is attempting to stay in power for ever by orchestrating an electoral coup d'State on October 25 by imposing his Jovenel Moses to lead the country. He also stated that some of the candidates have been using dirty money for their campaign.

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Dumarsais Simeus: Moise Jean Charles is best candidate for President

Dumarsais Simeus, considered to be the most successful Haitian-American has come out in support of Moise Jean charles. Based on his analysis, Moise Jean Charles is the best candidate that can take Haiti out of its problems at this time. He believes that the Candidate from Piti Desalin is honest has a very good plan such as making credit available to Haitian entrepreneurs and also land reform.

WATCH VIDEO: Dumarsais Simeus running for President of Haiti ten years ago

Dumarsais Mécène Simeus or Dumas as he is commonly known, was born (1939) in Pont Sondé in the Artibonite Valley. He is the owner of the largest black owned food processing company in the United States. In 2006, he returned to Haiti to become a candidate in the August 2005 presidential election, but was denied because of his dual U.S and Haitian citizenship. Simeus attended Florida A & M in Tallahassee and Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and received his Engineering degree from Howard University. Later, he obtained graduating honors degree from University of Chicago. He has received many awards likes of Alumni Award from the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business (2003) and Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young LLP. According to this most successful and experienced Haitian-American, Moise Jean Charles under "Piti Desalin" banner would be the ideal candidate and the most suitable person who can guide Haiti to a new prosperity and he has a better chance to win the election.

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Former Senator Jean-Charles Moise Launches Campaign

Among a sea of supporters of about ten thousand, former Senator Jean-Charles Moïse has started his election campaign for the Presidency of Haiti in the Artibonite town of Saint Michel de l'Attalaye on Sunday September 27, 2015. Jean-Charles Moïse is a presidential candidate from the "Pitit Desalin" platform who has already viewed himself as the next Haitian President. Some time ago, he had promised that once he is in power, there will be no witch hunt, those guilty of financial offenses will face the consequences they deserve. He had earlier served many higher offices in the government. He was elected to three terms as Mayor of Milot, serving from 1994-2004, elected as Senator on June 21, 2009, and other responsible posts likes of, Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources and Rural Development Committee, Members of the Senate Committees on Foreign Affairs and External Cooperation Committee, Finance, Economy, Tourism, trade and Industry, Agriculture, etc.

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Daly Valet hired as Campaign Manager for Moise Jean Charles

We just learned that the Candidate for Platform Pitit Desalin Moise Jean Charles has selected Daly Valet to become his campaign manager for the upcoming Presidential Election in Haiti. So far the reaction of the public has been mixed. Some think it was a good decision, and that Daly Valet will be able to bring a lot to the table, including his reputation. Others feel that if they put their head together, the Pitit Desalin party will be able to run a smart and successful campaign.

Daly valet is the star reporter of Radio Vision 2000, former director of the newspaper Le Matin Boulos and the Director General at Radio Trans Inter- 98.1 FM, C-Medias, Centre de Recherche Nouvelle Haiti. In the summer, on March 31, 2015, Daly Valet had announced his support for the "Pitit Dessalines" and had informed that he would endorse none other than the leader of the Platform Pitit Dessalines. The supporters of Pitit Dessalines are now more optimistic that Daly will bring fresh air for Moise Jean Charles and Moise should be taken more seriously by his opponents, because their unison will provide favorable momentum in a difficult campaign.

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Jean-Charles Moise Reported Misuse of 50 Million

Jean-Charles Moïse, the presidential candidate of the "Pitit Desalin" platform has been indexed by the Superior Court of Auditors on charges of misuse of 50 million HTG (at present rate around US$1.25 million) of public fund earmarked for the second largest Haitian city Cap-Haitien. In December 2007, he was the recipient of "cost of reception" fees" amounting to 36, 75,000 HTG. Furthermore, this former Mayor of Milot and Senator from the North had collected millions between 2006 and 2011 as an adviser to former President Rene Preval. His candidacy for the Presidential post is presently running at a risk of disqualification. During the last week of June, he had reported pressure from a group of opposition political parties to deviate him from the electoral race. Some civil society and human rights organizations had called the CEP not to surrender under pressure.

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Decision not final on Moise Jean Charles' candidacy

Candidate for President Moise Jean Charles might want to consider calling the forces that he believes in. Whether it is God, the "Lwas", etc. this is the time for the candidate to pull his "Baton Moise" to ask for special help as the CEP is considering the possibility to remove him from the Presidential race. It has been rumored that there are some funds given to him when he was the Mayor of the city of Milot for which he did not receive a "Decharge" for".

Kandida pou Prezidan Moise Jean Charles ta ka vle konsidere rele fòs yo ke li mete konfyans yo nan . Kit se Bondye, " Lwas a", elatriye, sa se tan pou kandida a rale " Baton Moise " pou mande èd paceke CEP a ap konsidere posibilite pou yo retire l ' soti nan ras pwezidansyèl la. Ginyin rimè ki di li pa ta resevwa décharge pou yon lajan lite resevwa lè li te Majistra a nan vil Milot

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Moise Jean-Charles sees himself as the next President of Haiti

The next presidential election in Haiti is expected to bring lot of surprises. For the candidate of Platform of the radical opposition "Pitit Dessalin" this is already a given. Moïse Jean-Charles declared recently that the October 25 presidential will be only a formality because as he sees it, he is already the next president of Haiti.

Candidate Jean-Charles took a look at the competition and say no real challenge to his candidacy. According to Moïse Jean-Charles, "Neither the government of Michel Martelly nor the international community have candidates capable of competing with him".

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Is Moise Jean Charles in yet? not until the fat lady (CEP) sings

Although former Senator Moïse Jean Charles has passed the first step to become officially a candidate for the next Presidential election, he is not in yet. The candidacy of Jean Charles can still be rejected and many people are waiting for the decision of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) who will release the final list of the candidates. This decision will be final and it is expected any time now.


Malgre ke ansyen Senatè Moïse Jean Charles pase premye etap la pou li vin ofisyèlman yon kandida pou pwochen eleksyon prezidansyèl , li pa ankò andedan. Kandidati Jean Charles ka toujou rejte. Anpil moun ap tann pou desizyon Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa a (KEP) ki pral lage lis final non kandida yo. Desizyon sa a pral final e li espere nenpòt ki lè kounye a.

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You can now travel the streets of Cap-Haitian by Boat, thanks to flood

The flood of November 2014 brought a new reality to the people in Cap-Haitian. Instead of getting a car, bicycle or a "Bourette", people now realized that they might want to invest in a boat and leave it at home or in their back yard. The use of a boat can actually become very useful in the city specially during flood that tend to occur more frequently.

Whether it is caused by lack of maintenance on the part of the Haitian government in these rivers around the city, a neglect from the public sector to manage garbage collected by the citizens of Cap-Haitian and that the people have no choice but to dispose of their garbage in the streets or it is just an effect of the global warming, we need to get ready.

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Opposition senators refuse to meet President Michel Martelly, not a smart move

For the 3rd time, the opposition senators or specifically the member of G6 were not present at the meeting with the Haitian President, Michel Martelly. President Michel Martelly has gone has gone an extra mile and has demonstrated flexibility. This time, he left the responsibility to schedule meeting with the group of 6 to Senator Desras. The President would like to have it on October 3, not in the National palace but rather in a place that would be determined between them.

One thing I was told a long time ago and still believe in is that: No one has the monopoly on the true.

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