Protest and Violence marking Novemver 18, 2015VIDEO

Here is a some video footing for the day of the Battle of Vertiere. It was marked by mass protest and manifestation against the CEP as the polulation was denouncing the country's preliminary presidential results.


WATCH VIDEO: Violent protests marking November 18 over preliminary election results

An exit poll revealed a curious feature because a little over 6% of voters had said that they have voted for the government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise, placing him on the fourth. Surprisingly, when the result was out, he came to the top with 32.8 % of the votes. However, it is a fact that exit polls are not always accurate indicators.

Pierre-Richard Casimir, the Minister of Justice has called all the protesting party to follow the rules of organizing a public demonstration in a peaceful manner, not to involve or incommode innocent civilians including school children with their rallies.

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Subject: Protest and Violence marking Novemver 18, 2015VIDEO edit

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