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Melissa Laveaux, Canadian Singer with Haitian Roots

Melissa Laveaux is a brilliant music artist of Haitian origin born on January 9, 1985 in Montreal, Quebec. Her songs are based on different themes and genres. She has inspired a lot of new talent in the Canadian music industry. She is a song writer, a vocalist and a guitar player. Her lyrics are quiet touching and are inspired by her life experiences. She has great talent and is very determined.

Melissa Laveaux has spent most of her childhood times in learning guitar on her own. When she was of the age 6, she lost her check which was meant to pay for her piano teacher. With discipline and constant practice, she worked her to expertise on her guitar and vocal skills.

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Court Summons Former Mayor Muscadin Jean Yves Jason Over Market Fire

Muscadin Jean Yves Jason, former mayor of Haiti capital of Port-au-Prince, fell in hot water as the authorities investigate the recent devastating fire in the public market. Jason received a subpoena to appear in court amid the investigation. His lawyer, Andre Michel, confirmed the reports but said that the former mayor would not heed the summons due to several confusions in the subpoena. Michel expressed ire over the court invitation, saying that it was a form of "political persecution" orchestrated by the authorities who want his client to be the suspect in the fire. He laid down the reasons why he did not advise his client to appear in court despite the subpoena.

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