Lakou Souvenance, Soukri and Badjo during Guede Festival

The three most popular Voodoo sites in Haiti are Lakou Souvenance, Soukri and Badjo. These 3 houses are among the oldest in Haiti with large membership of voodoo practitioners performing authentic African traditions. Souvenance is known for Rada, Soukri tractices Petro and Badjo practices Nago


These Voodoo sites attract foreigners and locals in large numbers. In the past, this site would attract visitors from all over the world when they are having their annual festival. The Haitian government sees a possibility for the three Voodoo sites to attract tourists thereby help the country to generate additional revenue.

During the presidency of Michel Martelly, the Haitian president, accompanied Minister of Culture, Jean Mario Dupuy, paid visits to Lakou Souvenance, Soukri and Badjo

The Haitian government started rehabilitation work In Lakou Souvenance and cited that the rehabilitation work in Lakou Souvenance was a proof of their commitment. He also made a mention about the arrival of representatives of the ONI and the Ministry of Justice and National Archives and installation of sanitary facilities.

The Haitian president also stated that it is the State's duty to accompany the Lakou and recalled that the custodians of culture in Haiti are mainly the Lakous. In case any of Lakous inhabitants faced any injustice on a social level, then the government will be more than willing to repair this, he emphasized.

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