Electoral Council Controversy over Nehemie Joseph Nomination

President Martelly went on the attack last week when he heard Parliament had nominated Nehemie Joseph to be on the provisional electoral council. Parliament feels Joseph, who formerly sat on the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, will best support the electoral council's mission: to run a fair, transparent, and impartial tabulation of voter ballots on Election Day.


No one knows what makes Martelly challenge Joseph's nomination. All Martelly says is a conspiracy to undermine his administration is the reason behind the nomination. Martelly and his advisor, Joseph Lambert, say Parliament's unacceptable choice of Joseph is reason enough to keep the unsavory Josue Pierre-Louis on the electoral council.

Both Martelly and Lambert, once a Senator, have dominated the news media with assaults on Parliament's motives in nominating Joseph, warning the public Joseph will not fulfill his responsibilities to voters by representing their wishes. Lambert, backing up Martelly's views, characterized the actions of Parliament as provocative.

It seems the pitched battle is actually between Martelly and Government Commissioner Senatus, who has described Pierre-Louis as "a political prostitute". Pierre-Louis, who once held the position of Minister of Justice, has been charged with rape and assault felonies in two separate cases. And his appointment to the electoral council has been a controversial one.

The electoral council, established without voter approval, is violating the Constitution. But elections are set to happen in May, with the U.S. spending $15 million to hold them. The forecast is that voter turnout will be low and voter fraud high.

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