New Notre Dame d'Haiti Church in Little Haiti

For almost eight years, fundraising has been done for the building of the church of the new Notre Dame d'Haiti. The church, found on NE 62nd Street, was co-founded by Archbishop Thomas Wenski in 1981. Then, the old building was unable to hold a congregation that was growing with passing years. Thirty-five years ago, Archbishop Wenski dreamt of building this church which finally came into being after an expenditure of $5 Million. $3.2 million was donated by enthusiastic Haitian parishioners and members of the community and a $1.5 million loan was also provided by Archdiocese of Miami. The church can seat just under 1,400 worshippers.


Miami's Haitian community relies on this church for more than just for their spiritual needs. All the important matters including immigration issues are considered in this church. Haitians also learn the ways to a better life in this sacred place. Not only have they learned the significance of enrolling their children into better schools there, but also the suitable places where they can ensure an appropriate living for their family. Many people also sought refuge in this church when they were struck by the earthquake in 2010.

Notre Dame also provides nourishment to families in times of need. It is also not behind in providing financial assistance to those who need it. There is also a plan to use the church building as a banquet hall and for social and outreach programs. The church is believed to be the epitome of faith and unity of the nation and is said to be more than a church, but a lifeline community center.

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