Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Ouanaminthe Haiti is located in Northeastern Haiti and is home to about 100,000 people. Within it lays the Massacre River or Dajabon River which provides a border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The river is named for an incident that took place in 1728 in which 30 French Buccaneers were killed by Spanish settlers.


There are several elementary schools scattered throughout Ouanaminthe and ten secondary schools including a public school and a law school. Majority of the schools belong to churches. They support kindergarten, primary, and secondary. Students who have reached seventh grade typically move to larger areas with better educational opportunities.

Haitians are only able to cross into Dajabon twice per week and use this time for going to the market or to gather groceries. However, when Haitians are allowed to cross the bridge which is generally on Mondays or Fridays, they sell hand crafted goods they have created. Most of the products they create are made with supplies that have been donated to them by charitable organizations.

Business owners in Ouanaminthe have experienced loss of fertile land due to the Dominican Republic's expansion. This has been the result of an agreement between Haiti and the Dominican Republic's governments to create a free trade zone but the factories in the free trade zone belong to Dominican companies. With these new insights the World Bank, which has withheld funds from Haiti for many years for being in arrears, is lending financial aid to the project. The project will change the way of life for many Haitians and will offer many new jobs.

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