People in Mapou & Dilaire, Ouanaminthe Denouncing PNH & MINUSTAH

The citizens in the districts of Mapou and Dilaire in Ouanaminthe are not happy with the manner of searching the shooter(s) responsible for the death of a Chilean peacekeeper, Sergeant Rodrigo Sanhueza who died during a violent protest in Ouanaminthe on April 13, 2015.


The United Nations, including its Secretary-General and Security Council had called for a quick investigation as the killing prompted strong condemnations from its offices. In consequence to their directives, the residents of Mapou & Dilaire are complaining that the United Nations Police (UNPOL) forces from Brazil and Uruguay battalions are harassing them excessively without any warrant or acceptable reasons and their presence have created fear in the minds of common people living in the area. The agents of MINUSTAH and PNH are calling them indiscriminately for sharing information about the whereabouts of the culprit(s). The Haitian National Police reinforced as part of the UN deployment have been involved in beating and other forms of brutality to the civilians.

On the day of the incident, they arrested Dr. Claude Joazard, for inciting violence among the population. It was learnt that he persuaded people, a street protest is the only right way to claim their essential demands like water, electricity and lowered prices. However, his arrest immediately turned the protest gathering to a violent mob and someone from the crowd opened fire to the Chilean peace keeper. On the same day, Joseph Lafrance Laforest, an officer from the National Haitian Police was also shot and wounded by unidentified individual(s). According to a report dated April 24, two people in connection with the shooting have been arrested on Friday, April 17. The names of those arrested had not yet been revealed.

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Subject: People in Mapou & Dilaire, Ouanaminthe Denouncing PNH & MINUSTAH edit

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