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In Bruny Surin Beats the Heart of a Lion

Bruny Surin, a naturalized Canadian and native of Cap-Haïten, Haiti, was born on July 2, 1967. He represented Canada for the first time at the 1987 Pan American Games in the long-jump.

In 1988, Italian coach Franco Barucci took Bruny Surin under his wing and encouraged him to forgo the long-jump for the 100-meter instead. Barucci bargained that Surin could finish the 100-meter in 10.10 seconds. At the Canadian Championship Games, Surin came within four one-hundredths of a second of completing the race in 10.10 seconds.

As a professional runner, Surin has amassed six Gold Medals, two Silver, and two Bronze. He won one of his three Gold Medals for the 4x100-meter relay at the 1996 Olympic Games. He won two more Gold Medals for the 4x100-meter at the World Championships at Gothenburg in 1995 and at Athens in 1997. He won yet another two Gold Medals for the 60-meter at the World Indoor Championships, in Toronto in 1993, and at Barcelona in 1995. His final Gold Medal was won at the 1998 Goodwill games.

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Presidential Advisor Ronald "Roro" Nelson Defends His Reputation

Ronald Nelson, known by his popular name Roro Nelson, advisor to President Michel Martelly, has been accused of three separate incidences of violence he is alleged to have committed, one involving an ex-girlfriend. Speaking at a press conference, he refuted all charges against him, blaming the Haiti press for printing lies, damaging his reputation.

His ex, Astride Pantal, accused him of an assault to her person with a deadly weapon, which he denies. But the Dorchester County, Massachusetts Court has put him on probation for the incident. In another violent episode, a woman accused Ronald Nelson of pulling out a hand-gun and threatening her with it.

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Reggie Fils-aime, Famous Haitian

The world looks at Haiti as country of corruption, abysmal poverty and illiteracy. This is true but it cannot be ignored that the world has also seen some Haitians rising out from their poor condition and shining bright enough to lead others and be inspiration for other Haitians. Reginald Fils Aime is one such name.

Reginald Fils Aime, also known as Reggie Fils-Aime or simply Reggie is a US national with Haitian origin. He works as Nintendo America's President and Chief Operating Officer for North American Division. Prior to this, he worked with the same company as Vice President of marketing and sales. Reggie Fils-Amie was born to Haitian Immigrants who settled in US permanently to avoid the conflicting views on politics of the grandparents of Reggie. Reginald was born in 1961 in New York and throughout his professional career he marked his presence with extraordinary marketing skills.

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Titanic passenger Joseph Laroche was born in Haiti

Titanic is celebrating its 100th anniversary on April 15th. The movie has also been launched in 3D. Titanic is done by renowned producer James Cameron. Did you know there was a black Haitian man in the titanic? He was neither rich nor famous. Joseph Laroche is that man.

He was brought up in a wealthy family in Haiti. His uncle was the president of Haiti at that time. Being from a well to do family, Joseph Laroche travelled to France to do an engineering course when he was only 14. On arrival in France he pursued his engineering and graduated. He met Juliette, a young beautiful white girl and they fell in love. Juliette's father did not object to her daughter going out with a black man.

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Sean Penn and Garcelle Beauvais spotted having a cozy dinner

Movie actor Sean Penn seems to be integrating himself pretty well into the Haitian community as there are some romance rumors coming out with Haitian born actress Garcelle Beauvais.

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that actor Sean Penn was spotted with Haitian actress Garcelle Beauvais having a cozy dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. According to the report, they met to discuss relief efforts to Haiti.

What kind of relief are we referring to?

It seems to me that actor Sean Penn this time was interested in getting some relief for himself.

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Is Sarah Palin using Haiti to gain Black Votes?

My friend, this is just a few questions that I have about the trip of Sarah Palin to Haiti.

The Former Vice President candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has traveled to Haiti with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. She visited cholera clinics and other relief sites. She urged Americans not to forget Haiti as she returned from her trip. Palin who traveled to Haiti by helicopter stated: " I have really enjoyed meeting this community. They are so full of joy."

U.S. cable network Fox News was the only news media that had access to Sara's tour. All other reporters were kept out.

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Sarah Palin will visit Haiti this weekend

Former Alaska Governor and Vice-president candidate Sarah Palin is going to Haiti this weekend. A spokeswoman for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association confirmed that Palin is planning to visit Haiti this weekend, in particular cholera clinics and other relief sites.
Sarah's scheduled visit to Haiti is at a time when things are extremely unstable in the country. There have been daily protest in Haiti from the time the election results were published. Public protests, gunfire and barricades were reported throughout the country. The U.S. Stated Department recommended Americans not to travel to Haiti.

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Overweight Haitian woman, Dominique Lanoise, transported by Dominican Air Force

Do you remember the 500 pounds Haitian woman that the airline refused to flight to Miami because of her weight? Six Months later, the Dominican Air Force has come to her rescue.

We just learn that The Dominican Air Force will flight the Haitian woman of U.S. citizenship, Dominique Lanoise, to Miami as a humanitarian act.

Dominique Lanoise who is 40 years old, weighs almost 500 pounds and has been in the Dominican Republic for three months because all commercial lines so far have refused to fly her to Miami. Lanoise traveled from Miami to Port-au-Prince after the January 12 earthquake to visit her relatives, but when she came to the country to return to the U.S. the airlines refused to sell her a ticket because of her weight.

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Jean Max Bellerive Government Finally has a Plan For Haiti

Jean Max Bellerive government has drafted a broad plan to remake Haiti after last month's devastating earthquake. The Plan aims at reducing the size of Port-au-Prince and boosting other Haitian Cities in moves that would reverse two centuries of Haiti history. According to Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive: The plan is aimed not only at repairing the earthquake damage, but also reinventing Haiti to try to cure some of the ills that have made it the western hemisphere's poorest nation. The Haiti Plan will have two goals: A Short-Term Goal and a Long-Term Goal. The plan will be presented to international donors at a conference in New York on March 31.

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