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Phoenix Professional Soccer Stadium To Be Built In Cite Soleil, Haiti

From the earthquake massacre in January 2010, Haiti is constantly trying to rebuild of what was lost and bring some new hope for the Haiti people.

With donation camps and mining projects, Haiti government is trying to bring some economic benefit to the people. Also, a zeal and vigor of the people for playing soccer has proposed plans for the first professional soccer stadium in the country.

The name of this soccer stadium will be Phoenix stadium. It is said to be built in Cité Soleil, which has been designated as a red zone area by the United States as it is a poverty-stricken town in needs of economic development.

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Phoenix professional soccer stadium in Cite Soleil, Haiti

The government of Haiti is planning to build its very first professional national soccer stadium in the country. Phoenix professional soccer stadium is the name to be given to the new stadium which is to be a one of a kind stadium with the latest features any of the best stadiums would have. This comes at a time when the entire world is raving madly with the desire for a good soccer match where there are over a billion fans of the game.

It is also a time when the talent has recently been established to be in plenty in the country where there are many soccer players who have no choice to play the game in countries where they are able to get such unique facilities.

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