Haitian National Police (PNH) using excessive force on suspect

Here is a shocking video footing of Police brutality in Haiti. This gentleman is a suspect in the shooting of a Police officer, according to the information received. Many people think that Haiti national police has become a repressive force, Something Haiti is very much familiar with.


WATCH (M)VIDEO: Haiti Police getting abusive after election results

Video Shows Police Brutality in Stomping Incident

A video was released in which Haitian police stomped a man into unconsciousness. Their action was a response to the suspect--one of three--who participated in the cold-blooded murder of a police officer. Witnesses, who saw the shooting, were able to describe to police the appearance of the three suspects.

Fanmi Lavalas sent the video to media outlets to demonstrate excessive force was used. Godson Orelus ordered the brutal attack on the man.

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