Haitian President Henri Namphy

The overthrowing of Jean-Claude Duvalier in 1986 paved way to the gradual transition of Haitian politics to democracy and Henri Namphy was supposed to lead that transition. But before democracy reached the country, there was chaos everywhere as theft, riots, and coup d'états were rampant as the government after the Duvalier regime was unstable.


After Duvalier and his family left for France, the country was led by the National Council of Government (CNG) under Haitian general Henri Namphy. The council was made up of four individuals from the military and two civilians which tried to push for several democratic reforms and promised Haitians the occurrence of elections. Two years later, the general was then made president after successfully overthrowing Leslie Manigat who was the winner in the 1988 elections via a coup d'état.

Henri Namphy was faced with the burden of ruling the country which was in a very poor state after more than twenty years under tyranny in the hands of the Duvaliers. Haitians who were at first celebrating turned to crime. The general was thrown with several strikes and protests which made it very difficult for him and his remaining council of less than five to exert power and control over the country and its citizens.

Despite being regarded as apolitical and truthful, Henri Namphy was eventually put out of office by a successful coup d'état led by young military officers in 1988. He was then succeeded by Haitian General Prosper Avril who was once an ally of his in the CNG and committed heinous crimes and human rights violations in his two-year term from 1988 to 1990.

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