Herard Abraham - Haiti's army man and a political figure

Herard Abraham was born on July 28th 1940 in Port-au-Prince. At a very young age he enlisted himself into the Haitian army. He rose in the ranks of the army and also had a short stint in politics. So he can be called an army man and a political figure.


Foreign Minister

Hérard Abraham rose to the position of Lieutenant General of the Haitian Force Arme D'Haiti and became a close member of the inner circle of the Duvalier family.

In spite of being close to the Duvalier Family, Herard Abraham joined hands with the new president Henri Namphy. He served as the foreign minister in the new government, his first political post.

Resigned in Three Days

Hérard Abraham served as the foreign minister from the year 1987 to 1988. When Prosper Avril was exiled in 1990, Abraham became the president for three days. Henri Namphy was overthrown by Prosper Avril.

Hérard Abraham gave up his post voluntarily after three days of being the president. This was the first time in Haiti history a military leader was willing to give-up the post of President voluntarily. He continued his stint in the army and assisted to quell a coup by Roger Lafonant.

Second Term

Abraham retired in 1991 and shifted to United States. He stayed in Miami and lived a quiet life with no public appearances. He lived near Gerard Latortue who was the former politician Haiti. Only in 2004 Abraham made a political address over the radio from Florida asking Jean Bertrand Aristide to resign.

After Jean Bertrand Aristide was exiled a new government with Latortue as the Prime Minister was formed. He invited Abraham to the ministry. Herard Abraham served as the minister on Interior from March 2004 to January 2005. Then in a cabinet reshuffle he became the foreign minister which lasted till June 2006.

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