Antihaitianismo, a racial prejudice manifested In Dominican Culture

The Hispaniola Island is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti for around 150 years. But both countries do not share an amicable relationship. Antihaitianismo is a set of anti prejudices that have been created by antagonism in the Dominican Republic.


Evolution Of Racial Prejudice

Antihaitianismo is the evolution of racial prejudices manifested for a long time, misinterpretation of selective historical facts and creation of false consciousness in the Dominican Republic. The elite groups, who were powerful and having strong interests to defend, orchestrated the long term revolution.

Inhabitants from Spain colonized Santo Domingo and it was then that racial prejudices started leading to antihaitianismo. Racial prejudice, slavery besides sugar was brought to the island due to Spanish colonization. Administration was controlled by elite white Spanish who ruled over the slaves and creoles.

Hispanic Nationalism

Miscegenation got promoted and racial tensions lessened with main activity of the colony. Rebellions of slavery were punished badly and slaves were not treated well. Economic position and social standing was indicated to a large degree by the color of one's skin. In the 18th century, in Saint-Domingue, the French colony grew resulting in a change in status quo and became a powerful rival.

To maintain cultural and political integrity of their territory, the Spanish authorities struggled constantly. In the 18th century, the emergence of nationalism in the Dominican Republic was seen as part of the struggle from the French. Hispanic nationalism persisted in 1804 when Haiti got independence as State and it was reinforced by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the Haitian President's brutal campaign.

Trujuillo's Era In Dominican Republic

Rafael L. Trujillo, the dictator ruled the Dominican Republic from 1930 to 1961. Relations between the DR and Haiti were cordial from 1930 to 1937 but Trujillo's regime led to massacre of many Haitians in the effort to transform, develop and secure borderlands of the Dominican. There was strain between both countries.

As of today, antihaitianismo is not a part of the official ideology of the state. Nationalism is promoted by various writers like Joaquín Balaguer, Carlos Cornielle, Manuel Núñez and Luis Julián Pérez with doses of antihaitianismo.

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