Co-ops Light in Côteaux and Roche-a-Bateau

NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association) International provides people in developing countries with access to safe, reliable and affordable electricity. The company is credited with the establishment of Haiti's first electric cooperative-- Cooperative Electrique de l'Arrondisement des Coteaux (CEAC). Dozens of volunteer cooperative linemen are working tirelessly to connect homes in Côteaux and Roche-a-Bateau to the power grid and a third community, Port-a-Piment, will be also connected to the grid by this year end. During inauguration ceremonies, on September 10 and 18, the residents of Côteaux and Roche-a-Bateau cheered with joys as they saw the streetlights glowing for the first time. At present, the cooperative has more than 670 registered members and intends to serve 1,600 or more consumers in three towns. The project has been made possible with support from the USAID, the United Nations Environmental Program (with financing from the Norwegian government), the Inter-American Development Bank, and the NRECA International Foundation. The cooperative needs different varieties of volunteers to serve.


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Subject: Co-ops Light in Coteaux and Roche-a-Bateau edit

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