Electric Cooperative in Coteaux

Cote Sud Initiative to Bring Electricity Service to Southern Region. Haiti's first electric cooperative, Electric Cooperative Borough Coteaux (ECBC) is being administered by the UN Coalition, the Cote Sud Initiative, for the district of Cote, which includes the communes of Roche-a-Bateau, Coteaux, and Port-a-Piment. The ECBC convened its first meeting to elect its Board of Directors (BOD).


The BOD is charged with handling a power grid that consumes 125-135 kilowatts of solar power and 200 kilowatts of generator-produced diesel. The power load will provide electricity to 580 members of the electric cooperative and service approximately 1,600 homes. It also has a mandate to construct and renovate low and medium voltage lines in rural areas.

The Cote Sud Imitative is part of the UN Coalition's Southern Energy program, in collaboration with Haiti's Department of Energy (DOE), working with Energy Security Minister, Rene Jean-Jumeau.

The UN Coalition and DOE is reaching out to sources that have in-depth knowledge in the energy field, one of which is the National Rural Electricity Cooperatives Association (NRECA). The UN and the DOE is depending on such sources to help them set up and run ECBC.

American Association NRECA Coordinator, Dana Brosig, says they are ready ". . . to train the leaders of the cooperative to ensure that it will be sustainable through the leadership of the people of the community" Agronomist, Jean Elié Thys, adds, "Our goal is to improve access to energy through good governance, the sale of products, and renewable energy production."

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