Former National Police Chief in Haiti, Jean Nesly Lucien Shot

On Wednesday, August 26th afternoon, the former Director General of the National Police of Haiti, Jean Nesly Lucien became the victim of an assassination attempt when he was shot by three unknown armed motorcyclists in Tabarre, near the residence of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The former Chief of National Police had received two bullets, one in the shoulder and one at the foot and was taken to the hospital for treatment. During the attempt, he was accompanying retired Boston police detective Yves Dambreville, who could not survive his bullet injuries, died on the spot. The police is still investing the cause of the attack.


Jean Nesly Lucien, the former Director General of the Haitian police and member of the Aristide security team, was arrested on May 26, 2004 at a relative's home in Miami. He was indicted for drug trafficking and pleaded guilty to a money laundering case on April 12, 2005. Lucien could be sent to federal prison for up to 20 years. But prosecutors David Weinstein and Lynn Kirkpatrick agreed to recommend a reduced sentence if he provides key evidence and testimony in the investigation of drug corruption in the administration of ousted President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Lucien received a five-year sentence on July 13, 2005, after agreeing to cooperate with the US authorities' investigation on other cases. The said cocaine conspiracy trial involved three more former Haitian police leaders. They were: Rudy Therassan, a former National Police commander, Romaine Lestin, the former chief of the Port-au-Prince airport police, and Evintz Brillant, former Chief of National Police of Narcotics. They used to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from Colombian drug lords who used Haiti as a safe stopover for cocaine shipments headed to the United States. This illustrates the extent of involvement of the Haitian administration in drug trafficking.

Jean Nesly Lucien never received any formal education, but rose to the higher post like 'National Police Chief' because of his relationship with the well connected political circles, like Sunday afternoon political gathering, in Braintree, etc.

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