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Administrative Complex with BEC in Verrettes burned down

The long-term loses in Haiti continue to multiply. We learned that the region of Verrettes is the latest victim in this long period of destruction. The entire administrative complex in th Commune of Verrettes was set on fire on the night of January 27, 2016. In this complex, you find various government offices, including a BEC for the region. Based on preliminary evaluation, the fire was deliberately set. No suspects have yet been Identified.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Konplèks Administratif ak BEC nan Verèt boule

Destriksyon an Ayiti ap kontinye anpil anpil pitit. Nou te aprann ke rejyon Verèt se te dènye viktim nan peryòd sa. Yo mete dife nan tout Konplèks administratif nan Verèt nan nwit 27 janvye 2016. Nan konplèks sa ou jwenn divès biwo gouvènman, ki te gen ladan yon BEC pou rejyon an. Baze sou preliminè evalyasyon, yo ta fè konin ke dife a yon moun fè espre mete li. Yo pa idantifye ankò sispèk .

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The criminal trial of famous Clifford Brandt has began

There is no guarantee that the trial of Clifford Brandt will ever end, or we will know the entire story, or all the other actors involved will be known; however the process has in deed started. He was arrested for the abduction and kidnapping of two children of the Moscosso family over three years ago. Finally, the trial of Clifford Brandt is scheduled to start today (January 28, 2016). His trial will be without a jury.

What do you expect fro this trial?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jijman kriminèl ki pi popilè an Clifford Brandt aper kòmanse

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Yo touye yon jen fi ayisyen apre li te kidnape ak totire

Yon fwa ou kidnape an Ayiti, ou pa gen okenn garanti ke ou pral vin soti vivan, menm si ou kapab peye ranson. Malerezman, sa a se ka yon ti fi ayisyen, 23 ane, Lencie Mirville, ki te kidnape, tòtire, epi finalman touye malgre yon ranson de $ 50,000 fanmi li te bay kidnapè yo. Lencie Mirville te kidnape alantou 5:00 PM, 3 Desanm dènye, tou pre legliz li. Kidnapè yo te mande $ 150,000 US pou yo lage l '. Apre negosyasyon, fanmi an te kapab vini ak $ 50,000 US, ke yo ranmase nan men zanmi ak fanmi, epi bay li a kidnapè yo nan Lendi swa. Malgre tout efò sa yo nan men fanmi l ', an Madi, 8 Desanm, yo te jwenn Lencie Mirville nan zòn Morne Caradeau nan Route de L'Amitie nan Jakmèl, tòtire anvan li te mouri.

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Haiti Borders, Aerial Surveillance, Land & Sea, Managed By Israeli Firm

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, an agreement on strengthening and modernizing the border policing management, focusing on the infrastructural and enhancing manpower capacity, has been signed between Haiti and Israeli firm HLSI, in the presence of several Haitian Ministers and officials. The agreement would include massive border surveillance for land, air and sea. The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Laleau Wilson, the defacto Haitian Minister of Economy on behalf of the Haitian government and Ms. Eva Peled, the Vice-President of HSLI, a former lieutenant in the Israeli air force and CEO of Geomine & Vice-President of Mitrelli Group. In addition to that, the agreement will modernize the custom posts to check the recurring revenue losses on the border. It has been learnt that Mitrelli Group has some connection to Clinton Foundation because along with Eytan M. Stibbe Capital Fund and Luminar Finance, the company had provided a donation of $24,800,000 (in 2009) to Clinton Global Initiative in Adama, Angola. Some critics are of opinion that the donation has favored this $50 million contract in Haiti to HLSI through the Clinton's puppet Martelly administration. Furthermore, the Mitrelli Group has also interest in mining business which has abundant unexplored opportunities in Haiti.

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Former National Police Chief in Haiti, Jean Nesly Lucien Shot

On Wednesday, August 26th afternoon, the former Director General of the National Police of Haiti, Jean Nesly Lucien became the victim of an assassination attempt when he was shot by three unknown armed motorcyclists in Tabarre, near the residence of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The former Chief of National Police had received two bullets, one in the shoulder and one at the foot and was taken to the hospital for treatment. During the attempt, he was accompanying retired Boston police detective Yves Dambreville, who could not survive his bullet injuries, died on the spot. The police is still investing the cause of the attack.

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MINUSTAH & PNH Provide Protection to Dominican Trucks

As per the news report, on March 5th, Blas Peralta, the President of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation (Fenatrado), confirmed that a total of 27 trucks loaded with cement, rebars and food, were seized at the border after registering with the Haitian customs authority. Out of these, 24 trucks were blocked in the customs area of Ouanaminthe and 3, at the exit of Cap-Haitien because of planned protests and threats of retaliation against Dominicans drivers. The Haitian authority, fearing the security of the Dominican drivers due to the reason of aggravating tensed situation between the two countries, asked them to return to their country, but, however, refused to return their merchandise as those had already been registered with their customs department.

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Michel Martelly at UN, Haiti is one of the safest countries in the region

Continuing to try to complete the installation of a Haitian defense force, the nation's leader, President Michel Martelly, labeled Haiti as one of the region's safest nations recently at the 69th General Assembly of the United Nations. He, along with his second-in-command, Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, spoke about the strides Haiti has made in regards to security, and that they would now see the withdrawal of the UN troops which have been a part of the country's fabric for years now.

Haiti's call for release cannot be viewed as premature. While the country has suffered from its share of political turmoil for decades, leading to unrest and the need for assistance from international sources, the past few years has seen the spreading of the country's wings in the training and formation of its own Defense Corps. According to the President, Haiti has already begun the process by training its corps, and it is now the time for the United Nations to fulfill their part with the rolling out of their MINUSTAH agents.

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Prison Break in Cap-Haitian, two inmates escaped

It has been reported this Saturday (9/20/14) that there was a Prison Break that took place this morning in the Prison of Cap-Haitian. Five inmates attempted to to escape and three of them were successful. Police was able to capture two of those who made the attempt.

According to a breaking news just released in Radio Caraibes, three inmates in the Cap-Haitian prison that has been guarded by MINUSTAH mannaged to escape this morning. One of the escaped inmate is the number two in a popular gang that has been involved in kidnapping, killing and other.

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Woodly Etheart, AKA Sonson La Familia, reported to Court today

According to information from Radio Caraibes, Woodly Etheart, AKA Are Sonson La Familia, presented himself in front of a judge, accompanied by his Haitian attorney Claudy Gassant.

Where has this guy been all that time?

Is is true that Sonson La Familia has been in hiding since with the protection of some powerful people?

The Haitian National Police (PNH) has claimed that for the past several Months, it has been looking for the powerful leader of "Gang Galil", accused for its involvement in kidnapping and drug trafficking

Woodley Ethéart is a very close associate of President Michel Martelly. The case of Sonson La Familia is back to hunt the Martelly Government

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Haiti, One of 7 Countries You're Most Likely to Be Kidnapped

Haiti is a country where the chances of getting kidnapped on a holiday equal the chances of catching an on-time flight from a budget airline. The countries with highest kidnapping rates in the world are typically the vulnerable places visited by the defense contractors who provide products or services to a military or intelligence department of a government. Although the reported rate of kidnapping in Haiti came down to 162 in the year 2012 from 720 about mid 2000s, the figure is still threatening to allure tourists in Haiti. The presence of the U.N stabilization force could not give good protection to the rich Haitians, aid workers, diplomats, and, of course, foreign tourists. However, there are many other holiday destinations where kidnapping is as popular as buying a fruity drink or a local souvenir. Here is a quick look at the other top six countries where kidnapping is booming.

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