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Is Mario Andresol on House Arrest?

What happens with the Former Director General of the National Police of Haiti?

There have been numerous rumors on the web that Mr. Mario Andresol has been under House Arrest in Haiti and is not able to live the country.

What does Mario Andresol have to say on that? "I am not on house arrest", according to the former DG of Haiti National Police in an interview with reporter Marie Lucie Bonhomme on Radio Vision 2000

"Mezanmi, Ayisyen Remin Fè Zin"

Mario Andresol denied any rumor about being under House Arrest. He mentioned that these rumors circulating on social networks such as tweeter, facebook and BBM that he would be under house arrest and under investigation by the U.S. FBI. have no foundation

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Tips to Protect Your Children from Harm

Children are vulnerable in situations in which they feel uncomfortable, insecure, or frightened. Taught to obey adult authority without question, they are unable to act on their instincts when confronted with strangers who intend them harm. Here are some guidelines to keep your children safe.

• Sit down with your children and talk to them. Tell them if any stranger gets too close for comfort to run away as quickly as possible. Instruct them to yell as loud as possible as they run to safety.

• Don't allow your children to go anywhere by themselves. If they are young, have someone you know well accompany them. If your children are older, ensure they always travel with a friend. Keep tabs on your children.

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What is an AMBER Alert ?

An AMBER Alert is an urgent bulletin put out when a family abduction has taken place. Issued across all forms of media, it gives the physical description of both child and perpetrator. Along with the physical characteristics of perpetrator and victim, the license plate number and make and model of the crime vehicle is also included.

AMBER Alerts use the Emergency Alert System to broadcast to news, on-air, and Internet media outlets. Other outlets include electronic highway billboards and other billboard entities such as Clear Channel.

The responsibility of issuing an AMBER Alert usually comes under the jurisdiction of highway patrol or state trooper agencies, which involve themselves in investigation of the abduction.

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The Security Situation In Haiti

Haiti has a lot of security and safety issues, as crime rates in the country remain high. This is attributed to the increase in drug trade cases in the country and the police force's lack of resources. Among the common crimes in Haiti include murder, kidnapping, drugs, robberies, home break-ins, and car napping. Not only do locals are victimized but also foreigners.

There are home burglary cases wherein criminals kill or hurt the victims to make sure that they get what they want. And criminals often work in groups. They attack and overpower the victims so as to prevent them from fighting back.

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Is Haiti Safer Than What The Public Perceives?

Haiti has always been projected as a country with a high crime rate. Because of media reports on crimes happening in the country, the public thinks that it is unsafe and dangerous to live in Haiti. However, there are reports suggesting that Haiti is safer than what the media shows. According to some reports, homicide rates in Port-au-Prince, the nation's capital, has decreased to 3 per 100,000 people. The rate is better than that of neighboring country Jamaica, where the homicide rate is at 52 per 100,000 people. Costa Rica also recorded a higher homicide rate than Haiti, with 11 per 100,000 people.

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Kidnapping and the Haitian society

The ongoing social-economic challenges facing Haiti has led to search of alternative sources of income by citizens. High level of unemployment has found many people indulging themselves in illegitimate ways of raising a living.

Due to these challenges the crime rate in Haiti is high. The most rampant crime in the recent past has been kidnapping and the threat is more likely to increase due to inability of the security forces to curb the situation. The Haitian National Police have experienced significant strain in bringing kidnappers to custody. Since the 2006 kidnapping peak period security has been reinforced by the presence of UN-formed police and the UN stabilization forces (MINUSTAH).

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Haitian National Police Protection Response and Living Conditions in Haiti Make Visiting Risky

Haiti national Police

Visitors contemplating a visit to Haiti should be forewarned about the pitfalls that accompany being in the country. Security in Haiti is uncertain. The Haitian National Police (HNP) is a compromised law enforcement agency. They have been subjected to internal militant politics, which have caused them to mistreat detainees, violating human rights laws. Under-staffed, under-paid, and awash with corruption, some of its members are suspected to be gang-affiliated.

Haiti National Police is supported by the UN stabilization peacekeeping police, who keep barely acceptable security levels in Haiti in place. Because the HNP lacks the capacity--even with an adjunct policing body in the UN forces--to investigate every crime committed towards visitors to the island, they remain largely ineffective. The HNP warns travelers landing at Port-au-Prince Airport to not use public transit, but to call someone ahead of time to come and pick them up.

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Haiti Secret Service Chief, Marc-Arthur Phebe, Linked To Brandt Kidnapping Case

Another big and prominent name has been dragged into an ongoing kidnapping case involving business tycoon Clifford Brandt. According to reports, Brandt, one of the main suspects in the crime, claimed that Marc-Arthur Phebe was the mastermind behind the kidnappings. Phebe is a National Police officer, as well as the head of the National Palace's CAT Team. He is also Brandt's family security chief.

In order to defend himself, Phebe sought the services of lawyer Carlos Hercule, who is the president of the Federation of Bar Associations. This move is seen to favor Phebe as Hercule is considered one of the most powerful lawyers in the country.

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How to protect your property while you are away

There are several reasons that may require you spend time away from your home. You can be away for business matters, home renovations or holiday. For whatever reason, it is important to ensure that your property is secure while you are away. Here are some tips to help you have some peace while you are far from home.

Ensure that you discourage trespassing in your area. You can put up noticeable 'No Trespassing' signs. Having a guard on duty will also help a big deal. You can also set up Beware and/or the Fierce Dog signs.

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Latest wave of insecurity in Haiti attrutibuted to gang wars

Ivan Simonovic of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights informed The Associated Press recently that he had learned from Haitian officials that the latest wave of insecurity, specially in Port-au-Prince, has been a result of gang warfare. The information was provided to him by Haitian police officials as well as Mr. Jean Renel Sanon, Justice Minister in Haiti.

Also record from United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti indicated that last July was the most violent Month for the past two years. However, something very interesting happened at the same time. The level of kidnapping decreased remarkably during that same Month.

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