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Haiti Has developed a National Security Plan, Will it solve crime?

Accompanied with the Superior Council of the National Police last Tuesday, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe appeared before the Permanent Commission of Justice and Public Security of the Chamber of Deputies to discuss a national security plan for Haiti.

What does that mean?

There have been many of such meetings in the past why people in Haiti continues to be victims of violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide, rape, and kidnapping!

According to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe: "Ensuring security in the country is a priority of the Government". He stated that he had a meeting with the Superior Council of the National Police and they have come to the two following agreements:

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The real cost to the family who becomes victim of crime in Haiti

According to a recent report by the University of Michigan or by just watching the level of insecurity in Haiti lately, violent crime continues to rise in Haiti.

The emotional factor in a crime is sometime unbearable. But this is usually not the only thing the family who is the victim of a crime in Haiti has to deal with.

Has anyone thought about the sudden cost that the family has to deal with, such as funeral and burial. In some cases, families helping the children cope with the crime.

According to the report from University of Michigan:

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Reginald Delva, aiming at controlling sale of cell phones to reduce phenomenon of insecurity

One excuse that the Haitian government has been spreading every time there is a kidnapping case in Haiti is that the government does not have control over the cell phones the criminals use to process their transaction such as contacting family members, requesting ransom, and actually getting compensation for the crime.

Is the Haitian Government soft on crime?

Hopefully a close regulation of the sale of mobile phones and SIM cards in Haiti will make it harder for these criminals. Actually, this is what the Secretary of State for Public Security, Réginald Delva, thinks. As a matter of fact, the Secretary of State for Public Security had for officials of the National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL) that from now on to take the necessary steps to ensure that all sales of cell phones is registered and asked the National Identification Office (ONI) to help him identify criminals. Any operator of cell phone are now required to control the pre-activation of SIM cards.

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Change of guard at Haiti National Police, Godson Orelus to replace Mario Andresol

The long awaited change at the National Police of Haiti has been made. Mario Andrésol has been replaced by Godson Orelius as the new Director General of the National Police. Hold on, this is until the approval of the Senate. This is no longer a rumor and this nomination confirmed that there was a conflict between Martelly Government and Mario Andrésol being the Director General of the National Police.

Nou Fe Sa Nou Vle Nan Ti Payi Sa !

What do we know about Godson Orelius?

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Safety Gifts for Elderly People

Elderly people are not as mobile and quick as they used to be, and lack the strength of a younger person. Gifts that lessen the stress of performing tasks and offering protection should be high on the list of gift givers.

The bathroom, particularly the bathtub or shower stall, is the riskiest place in the home for them. Gift them with hand rails and support bars to steady them. Add a bath or shower mat to avoid slips and falls during showering or bathing.

Elderly people's musculature weakens as they age. Sitting and standing becomes difficult, especially when using the toilet. Buy a portable raised toilet seat and toilet safety-arm rest. Similarly, buy a remote control device for their landline phone to avoid repeated efforts at standing or sitting.

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As New Haiti Secretaire D'etat a la Securite, Mr. Reginald Delva is accountable to no one

This is the job that I would like to have when I grow up, one where I am not responsible for anything or accountable to no one. That is the case for the position of Secrétaire D'état la Sécurité in Haiti which Mr. Reginald Delva is currently heading.

For the past few months, the level of crime in the Haitian population has been increasing at an alarming rate and as far as I ma concerned, it is unacceptable.

How does the authority responsible to protect the population responds? With the usual excuses.

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Four Indiana missionaries from Kokomo shot in Haiti

It has been reported that on Thursday, November 17, 2011 four Indiana missionaries who have been working in Haiti have been the victims of a arm robbery.

The missionaries are with Oakbrook Church from Kokomo. It also has been reported that none of the injuries were life threatening.

Two of the missionaries were shot in the legs. Another one was shot in the elbow. The fourth victim was grazed by a bullet

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Private Security Companies grow in Haiti since 2010 Earthquake

The earthquake of 2010 has left most of Haiti in ruins. But as the years went by, the country that has once been shattered by natural disasters and political turmoil seems to be recovering and developing its economic, political, and social sectors. In a very recent report, the industry of private security has become a booming trend in the country as the number of companies who provide such service continues to dramatically increase since 2010.

The number of private security firms has been rapidly developing at a rate of about eight percent per year. Currently, these firms are totaled to be at about 41 and comprise of 12,000 guards that ensure the safety of several institutions and individuals in the Haiti. What is the reason behind this sudden trend? The 2010 earthquake which left the country on its knees provided an increase in international relations where international biggies such as the United Nations needed to hire thousands more of personnel to ensure the success of their peacekeeping mission in Haiti. In addition, the ongoing political conflicts and economic inequality apparent in the nation has made wealthy individuals and families paranoid to the possibility of theft and kidnapping, thus hiring private guards for their safety.

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Can the Haitian Police provide security to quake survivors?

As it was the case for most Haitian institutions, the Haitian Police suffered a severe blow as a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti.

Haitian Police conceded they had lost their battle to maintain order in Port-au-Prince. Many Haitian gangs have been able to reclaim their old turf since being freed when the national prison collapsed following the earthquake.

In an attempt to maintain order, the Haitian police recently opened fire on looters, killing at least one of them as hundreds of rioters ransacked a market in quake-hit area of Port-au-Prince.

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