The Security Situation In Haiti

Haiti has a lot of security and safety issues, as crime rates in the country remain high. This is attributed to the increase in drug trade cases in the country and the police force's lack of resources. Among the common crimes in Haiti include murder, kidnapping, drugs, robberies, home break-ins, and car napping. Not only do locals are victimized but also foreigners.


There are home burglary cases wherein criminals kill or hurt the victims to make sure that they get what they want. And criminals often work in groups. They attack and overpower the victims so as to prevent them from fighting back.

Neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince are relatively safe but there are areas that are dangerous. Some of the high-crime zones in the capital are Bel-Air, Croix-des-Bouquets, and Carrefour. The road connecting Boulevard Toussaint L'Ouverture and the New American Road is a hot spot for carjackings, robberies and murders. The Delmas Road and Petionville areas, which were once considered safe places, have also recorded an increase in violent crimes.

Crimes often occur during holiday seasons such as Christmas and Carnival. The Carnival season is celebrated with various street activities and it is not uncommon for violence to take place. Random stabbings are also prevalent during the Carnival, which is held for several days before Ash Wednesday. People, even those innocent bystanders, are either injured or killed because of holiday violence. If only the national police have more resources and equipment, crime rate in the country can definitely be curbed down and safety can be ensured.

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