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Michel Martelly, Laurent Lamothe and Jean-Renel Sanon Indicted

The report of the Senate Special Committee that was investigating whether or not there was a meeting between Judge Jean Serge Joseph, and the executive branch prior to his death has come out.

The investigation in fact confirmed that President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamother and the Minister of Justice Jean Renel Sanon indeed met the magistrate Jean-Serge Joseph. According to Senate Special Committee report, the meeting was held on July 11, 2013, at the Chambers of Garry Lissade. It was further revealed that the meeting was facilitated by Mr. Raymond Jean-Michel, the Dean of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe responded to Senate convocation, How did he do?

After 3 convocations not respected by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, it finally took place yesterday, June 4th, 2013. The Prime Minister spent over 11 hours in the Senate answering questions from a number of Senators. He was threatened with a possible interpellation if he did not respond to this convocation.

According to comments from many Senators as well as many responses from social medias and radios so far, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe did not convince them with his responses yesterday. This includes explanations given on the use of 5 billion Gourdes disbursed during the period of emergency last year, projects in various departments, road construction, Airport construction as well as respect for the Haitian Constitution.

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Nehemie Joseph, Pierre Simon Georges, Mary Clunie Dumay chosen for the CEP

The Haitian parliament has finally fixed their choice by providing its three names to represent them at the electoral council in Port-au-Prince. The three individuals are comprised of two men: Nehemie Joseph and Pierre Simon Georges, with one woman, Mary Clunie Dumay.

This announcement was made by the Vice-President of the Senate, Senator Andris Riche on a Radio station

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Overview Of Haiti's Senate

The Senate in Haiti is also referred to as the Upper House, which is one of the houses making up the bicameral Parliament. There are certain characteristics that separate the Senate from the Lower House, or the Chamber of Deputies.

The first round of senatorial election was held in November 2005 and the second round occurred three months later. There are 27 senators with a ratio of three per department. Senators are appointed through a voting system. Those who gained absolute majority will get to serve in the Upper House for six years but re-election takes place every two years.

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The Formation Of Haiti's National Assembly

Haiti is run by a government with a bicameral legislature, which is composed of the Upper House (Senate) and the Lower House (Chamber of Deputies). These two houses make up the National Assembly, which is also known as a joint session of Parliament.

Based on the constitution, the National Assembly must be convened for specific reasons and purposes. When the National Assembly sets a meeting, important topics affecting the entire country are touched on. Such meetings are presided over by the Senate president, who is assisted by the president of the Chamber of Deputies. The secretaries of both houses, meanwhile, also serve the same role for the National Assembly.

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Parliament of Haiti

The Parliament of Haiti plays a vital role in the entire government. Without it, nothing will work on the country's legislation. The Parliament is the country's legislature, which consists of the Senate (Upper House) and the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House).

The Lower House is one of the houses comprising the bicameral Parliament. It has 99 members who are directly elected based on public votes. It holds greater power over the Upper House as it is the one making and proposing new legislations for the country. It has full control over certain laws such as those involving the budget and finances. The Lower House also has the authority to push for the impeachment of the president.

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Launching of work of the new legislative building

Parliament is the heart and bloodline of the Haitian government. The country's current legislature was formed in the early 2000s and is composed of two houses: the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Meetings via a National Assembly or a joint session are highly essential for both houses to deliberate on different important matters of the State, which is why a proper venue for such meetings is highly essential.

The Palais Législatif, or the current legislative building which caters to the whole parliament, was severely damaged by the 2010 earthquake, forcing members of the parliament to temporarily hold their meetings in a classroom. The legislature has since had to keep up with an old, damaged building to house itself.

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Will Dimanche before Senate Committee on Towing

Will Dimanche, Director of Traffic Services and Traffic Police, came under fire about procedures used in towing vehicles from Senator Steven Benoit, of the Senate Committee on Justice and Security. Benoit wanted answers about what companies are towing, who their owners are, precise tow fees, third-party money allocation, and sources of money transactions. In short, he senses a fraud scheme. He suggests the Highway Code is not being followed by Dimanche.

The process of towing vehicles in Port-au-Prince and Pétion-Ville has gotten bogged down. Both have seen an increase in motor vehicles and more companies doing business. A third problem is the rise in abandoned vehicles on public thoroughfares.

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Deputy Gracia Delva Dragged Into Haiti Kidnapping Case by Senator Moise Jean Charles

Another official has been linked to a kidnapping case in Haiti, where two children of the chief of a major bank in the country were abducted. Senator Jean-Charles Mose confirmed that Deputy Gracia Delva was involved in the case. Mose claimed that investigations showed that Delva himself was the one who tried to help suspects Jean Ricot Pierre Val, Altidol Tius, and Carlos Badel Saint-Fort flee the country. Reports said Delva let the suspects use his car to cross the border to get to Santiago a northern town in the Dominican Republic.

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Haiti's Senate approved Haiti prime minister nominee Laurent Lamothe

The 39 years old Laurent Lamothe who is currently the minister of Foreign Affairs, was nominated on Tuesday evening by the senate. This is a ratification of president's Michel choice. Laurent has been friends with the president for some time now. The post for prime minister has been vacant for 6 months since president Michel got into a personal indoor crash with the former holder of the post, Garry Conille. Martelly picked Laurent Lamothe as his nominee in March after his first prime minister.

Laurent Lamothe was in the telecommunication business before he turned into politics. He won the elections by 19 to 3 in his favor. The results, though not rigged, were criticized by opposition leader Steven Benoit who claimed that Laurent has not lived in the country for the past 5 years and has not been paying his taxes. Now all that remains is for Laurente Lamothe to go through the Chamber of Deputies for final approval. The new prime minister will be in charge of jump starting rebuilding efforts related to the massive 2010 earthquake that have been slow to take hold in part because of unabated infighting between Martelly and his critics in Parliament. With a prime minister the country will be able to speed up the process of reconstruction.

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