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Martelly Sexist Remark Cost Him Government Officials

President Martelly of Haiti is an unabashed sexist. At a campaign rally Martelly insulted a woman, who complained his administration had neglected to provide her community with power service. His response to her was to go have sex in the bushes with any available man.

Fusion Social Democrats', Edmonde Beauzile, responded to Martelly's comment by ordering removal, under his party's coalition, three of Martelly's officials, two ministers and the secretary of state. He. called Martelly's remark "unacceptable". The Martelly government, unfazed by Beauzile's move, knows Martelly can still govern without difficulty. He currently rules by decree, and can say and do pretty much as he pleases. Also a lame duck president leaving office soon, another reason he can be outrageous with impunity.

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Sexual harassment allegations against Harrison Ernest, RTNH director general

Female Journalists Accuse RTNH Director General of Sexual Harassment. Freedom of the press organization, Reporters Without Borders (RWB), is demanding a comprehensive investigation of allegations made by two female journalists the director general of radio and TV station RTNH continually sexually harassed them, along with five other female employees. In a published letter sent to the Ministry of Culture and Women's Affairs, journalists Deborah Jean and Stephane Eveillard charged the director general with a campaign of sexual harassment targeted at nearly all the women employed by RTNH. The motive for the chronic sexual harassment was rejection by the women of the director general's suggestive comments and advances toward them. When the letter went public, Jean plus three of her colleagues were dismissed on the basis of defamation, insubordination, and smearing the reputation of the director general and the station, which is government-owned.

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The Role of Women in Haitian Society

Haiti is a country struggling economically, politically, and socially. As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it has repeatedly been on the failed states index. To improve its standing among nations of the world, it must operate a stable and organized government, strengthen its infrastructure, and accord women equal and fair treatment in every aspect of their lives.

Women in Haiti are marginalized by their gender, considered inferior by males at every level of society. The brainwashing of women begins in childhood. Small girls quickly learn they are not valued, experiencing incest and watching their mothers being harassed and beaten.

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