Is Guy Philippe involved in the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte?

There have been rumors circulating that the death of Haitian Congressman Dionald Polyte was not an accident but rather a well planed assassination.


The wife of the Congressman pointed the finger directly to Former police commissioner and head of the National Reconstruction Front (FRN), Guy Philippe for the death of her husband. According to the the wife of Congressman Dionald Polyte, Eva, her husband did not have to go out this way.

Here is the video of the interview with Polyte's widow, Eva Dutreuil:

Guy Philippe for his part denied that he was involved in the killing of Dionald Polyte. He also believes that the current President of Deputies, Sorel Jacinthe, is engaging in a smear campaign against him and that he is using the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte to tarnish his image.

The Haitian Deputy, Dionald Polyte, was shot last Monday by one of his security guards. The security officer reported that the shooting that caused the death of the Congressman was an accident.

What is your take on this?

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Subject: Is Guy Philippe involved in the death of Congressman Dionald Polyte? edit

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