Steven Benoit, platform Konviksyon

Steven Benoit, Presidential Candidate Under Platform Konviksyon


Campaigning for president of Haiti has turned to a marketing process where candidates present themselves as products, differentiate themselves from the other products and make proposals on how they will perform if they get the job. However, some of the campaigners are more serious.

The promises of Steven Benoit, the candidate for the President's seat under the banner of the platform "Konviksyon", are based on five pillars. First Pillar: Efficiency, transparency, justice and public safety, fight against corruption, building and serving the citizenship; Second Pillar: Creation of wealth, opportunities for employment and market competition with special emphasis on few selected core sectors; Third Pillar: Provision for basic social services like health, education, water sanitation, family planning, social protection, etc; Fourth Pillar: Spatial and environment management involving likes of watershed management, reforestation, urban development planning, biodiversity and water resources management, etc; Fifth Pillar: Involvement of Diaspora to enhance Regional and International Cooperation.

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