Steven Benoit wounded by rubber bullet during protest

You are looking at Senator Steven Benoit as he was wounded by a rubber bullet in the face during a protest march on November 18, the day of the battle of Vertiere. He was in the company of Senator Moise Jean Charles who also was a victim in the protest. The Senator described the action of the Police officer responsible for the shooting as illegal and demanded that he is punished. Senator Benoit also reaffirmed his commitment to the protest demanding that an independent commission be established to investigate alleged election fraud. According to the Senator, "the Police officer fired on us when we arrived. They clearly knew who we were". He went on to say that the manifestation was calm until that time.



Senatè Steven Benoit te blese pa yon bal kawotchou nan fas pandan yon mach pwotestasyon 18 Novanm jou batay Vertiere. Li te an konpayi Senatè Moise Jean Charles ki tou te yon viktim nan pwotestasyon an. Senatè an dekri aksyon ofisye Polis la kòm ilegal e mande ke li pini. Senatè Benoit tou reyafime angajman li nan pwotestasyon pou mande pou yo etabli yon komisyon endepandan pou mennen ankèt sou swadizan fwod eleksyon an. Dapre Senatè a, " ofisye Polis yo te tire sou nou lè nou te rive. Yo klèman te konnen ki moun nou te ye ".

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