NATCOM provides high-speed bandwidth with high-quality connection in Haiti

Perhaps you've seen them in their striking blue T-shirts, promoting what is fast becoming Haiti's telecommunications rocket into the future. When the Vietnamese Viettel acquired 60% of the former Haitian national telecommunication company TELECO, in April 2010, the focus for many was still on the shattering effects of the earthquake months before. But, as of September 7, 2011, the considerable leaps and bounds to the quality of Haitian technological life, facilitated by NATCOM, have been anywhere but the back of people's minds.


With rigorous promotion of a dynamic product, NATCOM has quickly improved the capacity of the country from 1 to 4 Gbps, bringing the average user from speeds of 2 to 3 Mbps into triple digit speeds. The further launch of their 3G mobile internet service has made reliable access to the internet available to all Haitians, regardless of terrain.

This quantum technology leap was reached through their three-gateway connection fiber optic network. It's a service no other company can offer right now, and it's proved its reliability and necessity by helping the government weather storms that used to render communication during a hurricane hopeless. President Martelly commented on the stability of the network during Sandy and Isaac.

The high-definition network for video-conferencing NATCOM set up for free between government offices, the Presidential Palace and ministries etc. allowed the officials real-time command and communication with the hurricane relief workers. Further cementing their foothold at the summit of Haitian telecommunication advancement, NATCOM is one of the primary suppliers to other internet service providers in the country.

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