The City of Saint-Marc in Haiti

Saint-Marc Arrondissement, Sen Mak in Creole, is a city-ship in the Artibonite Department of Haiti, along with La Chapelle and Verrettes. The capital city of Saint-Marc lies on the coast of Haiti with port accessibility to Haitian cities in the region.


Saint Marc, Haiti

Saint-Marc is a tableland ringed by mountain ranges. Of the many beaches grazing the coastline of Saint-Marc, Amani-y Beach remains the most-visited. Besides its rich marine life, many exploration areas exist, which make for good scuba diving.

Saint-Marc residents are so noted for their warmth and hospitality; their voices frequently sound as if they are yelling and angry. This love of life translates into a passion for everything, especially music. If they are voodoo believers, you will most likely find them listening to Haitian folk songs. Otherwise, they prefer Troubadou, or American pop music.

If Saint-Marc people love music, they love food as much or more. They grow staple crops of rice, pasta, and plantains, and fish coastal waters for local varieties of seafood. Their tastes run to very sweet and spicy seasonings. Local commerce drives the economy of Saint-Marc. A farmers market of new and second-hand wares operates daily, along with produce and meat markets.

Saint-Marc's residents are Christian, 80% of them staunchly Catholic. The break-down of non-Catholic religions includes Baptist, Evangelical, and Voodoo, the smallest religious denomination.

Transportation in Saint-Marc Arrondissement is very good. Haiti National Highway 1 bypasses Port-au-Prince, Gonaïves, Cap Haïtien, and Montrouis. And Haiti's National Railroad runs through Saint-Marc, linking it to Port-au-Prince and the city-ship of Verrettes.

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Rev Louis Guerin says...

I am a Catholic priest and I correspond with a young Haitian man named Jean Jean who is in a Florida prison.

He wrote to me and asked if I could find out anything about his family in St. Marc since the hurricane.

If yo know them and would be so kind as to write me about them so I can tell him. Their names are: Leoni Meus (his mother).

His sisters are: Claricia Meus, Solette Jean, Milande Jean and Heroine Jean. His brother is Ariel Joseph.

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