The Town Of Anse-a-Pitres

Anse-a-Pitres is a part of the Belle-Anse Arrondissement in the Sud-Est Department. It is a border town with about 8,000 residents, many of whom live in the villages of Boucan-Guillaume and Bois d'Orme.


The city of Anse-a-Pitres is quite poor. It lacks certain public facilities, preventing people from getting adequate health and other services. There are several health problems hitting the city, including widespread HIV/AIDS and TB infections, high infant and maternal mortality rate, and premature labor. Many babies are malnourished, while malaria and typhoid affect residents as well.

However, there are organizations like Foundation for Peace that went to the town to provide assistance. With their help, a health center was built in 1997 but prior to that, "tradipracticos," or healers without proper medical knowledge, were the ones treating sick people in the town. The lack of health programs in the town led to many deaths, as people could not seek immediate medical attention. The life expectancy in Anse-a-Pitres is just 51 years for women and 48 for men.

Aside from poor medical access, residents of Anse-a-Pitres do not receive proper education as well. In fact, the illiteracy rate in the city is 65%. No vocational school is available. However, thanks to non-government organizations, a school has been built and education programs have been launched. Currently, there is a school, which was constructed by Foundation for Peace, that allows more than 250 students to study for free. Moreover, there are also Pentecostal Church and a Purification Center for Potable Water in the town, both of which were projects of the foundation.

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