The Town Of Gros-Morne

Gros-Morne is not just a town in Haiti's Gros-Morne Arrondissement. It is the entire arrondisement's capital and it is part of the country's Artibonite Department. It spans 397 square kilometers and is located 175 kilometers from the north of the national capital of Port-au-Prince. There are some 350 residents in every square kilometer, bringing the total population to 142,000. Several communes comprise the municipality and among these are Hanged, Acul, Richard Boucan, Ravine Gros-Morne, Mill, White River and Savannah Square.


Gros-Morne offers a beautiful view and atmosphere, thanks to its green mountains and geographical zone. People can clearly see the mountains covered in fog, which makes the view more exciting and fun.

However, Gros-Morne is dealing with many challenges. The town lacks adequate water, electricity and sewerage facilities. It does not differ much from other rural towns where roads are damaged and communications with neighboring communities are very difficult to make. The road condition in Gros-Morne is poor. As a matter of fact, vehicles could not use the roads during heavy rains.

While road construction is a huge challenge for Gros-Morne, the town keeps up when it comes to agriculture. Most of the residents work as farmers and they mainly produce cassavas, cotton, and coffee. The town also hosts a number of tree nurseries and it has a forest guardian to ensure that the area is protected and preserved.

There are different programs being launched in the town. Some of the programs aim to provide better health services to residents, while others are meant to address the drinking water supply problems in the town.

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