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Administrative Complex with BEC in Verrettes burned down

The long-term loses in Haiti continue to multiply. We learned that the region of Verrettes is the latest victim in this long period of destruction. The entire administrative complex in th Commune of Verrettes was set on fire on the night of January 27, 2016. In this complex, you find various government offices, including a BEC for the region. Based on preliminary evaluation, the fire was deliberately set. No suspects have yet been Identified.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Konplèks Administratif ak BEC nan Verèt boule

Destriksyon an Ayiti ap kontinye anpil anpil pitit. Nou te aprann ke rejyon Verèt se te dènye viktim nan peryòd sa. Yo mete dife nan tout Konplèks administratif nan Verèt nan nwit 27 janvye 2016. Nan konplèks sa ou jwenn divès biwo gouvènman, ki te gen ladan yon BEC pou rejyon an. Baze sou preliminè evalyasyon, yo ta fè konin ke dife a yon moun fè espre mete li. Yo pa idantifye ankò sispèk .

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Religious houses robbed, nuns intimidated and insulted in Verrettes

The religious community in Haiti was not escaped with the increased level of insecurity that has been recorded in Haiti lately. The latest incident took place this week where several people armed with gun broke into a Sisters house in the city of Verrettes and stole money and equipment.

This is not an isolated case. The religious community has been the victims of several cases of crimes for the past few months. On the night of February 23, 2015, bandits broke into the residence of the Sisters of the Holy Union, in Saint-Michel de l'Attalaye and took money and equipment after physically abusing several nuns. This incident was also repeated in Petite-Rivière de l'Artibonite back in January, 2015.

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About Verettes, Haiti

The city of Verettes in the Arrondissement of Saint-Marc has a lot to offer. Not only it provides a vibrant and lively night life, it also offers security to its residents and visitors. A number of restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues are available in Verettes, making music popular in the area. Though it has an active night life, people have nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety. According to reports, the city has an impressive record because it has a very low crime rate.

The city's 51,000 population is divided between two social classes - the rich and the masses. Wealthy families can be recognized by the houses they live in, as most of them reside in homes designed with iron gates and large stone walls. Also, most businesses in the city are owned by rich and well-off families.

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Populist President Dumarsais Estime

Dumarsais Estime, Haiti's 33rd president, held office for four years. His presidency is notable because he was the first black leader elected after the U.S. occupation ended in 1934.

Although Estimé married a mulatto elite, his determined educated blacks were to make up the majority of his administration's political appointees. Reversing mulatto elite influence, he championed an education initiative, building schools in poverty-ridden villages and offering advanced teacher-training. This effort created a 45% rise in elementary school attendance.

Dumarsais Estime's agenda included road-construction projects, literacy programs, and improving community services. He also amended the Constitution to provide workers the right to form unions and raised the minimum wage.

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Fete Champetre, Major Cultural Event in Haiti

Tourism has been on a substantial descent over the last 20 years. But one series of events, the Fête champêtre, continues to give hope to a struggling industry as tourists, local, from the Diaspora, and international, flock Haiti to witness the countryside festival.

One of the main avenues for entertainment to the 18th century elite, a Fête champêtre (a country feast or pastoral festival) was a type of garden party much loved at court. With pretensions to simplicity, the Fête champêtre was patronized by the well dressed, entertained by musicians hidden in the trees, as they enjoyed the beauty of landscaped park.

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The Town of Verrettes an Example of Sustainable Farming in Haiti

Verrettes, Haiti

Verrettes is a city-ship that is part of the Saint-Marc Arrondissement. Like Saint-Michel-de-l'Atalaye, Verrettes has not experienced the fractious political climate that has besieged other cities in Haiti. Very little crime happens there, and the cultural life of the city centers around the downtown music scene.

Economically, Verrettes is self-sustaining, obtaining its produce and meat products from family-owned farms in the countryside. The city's business elite run small- and mid-scale businesses in town, while residing just outside the business district.

Of chief importance to the people of Verrettes is education. All inhabitants of the city, rich or poor, ensure their children receive schooling. Verrettes education system instructs children at the kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Wealthier residents of the city have their children attend private schools in Port-au-Prince.

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Park Michelet Destinoble Inauguration, Verrettes Artibonite

The President of the Republic of Haiti S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly along with his wife, the First Lady, Madame Sophia Martelly went to a small town, Verrettes (Artibonite), to inaugurate Park Michelet Destinoble on Tuesday May 22.

Olive Martelly, the Advisor to the President Martelly in sports, led the initiative of the structure "Foutbòl power Chanjman" which means 'Football for Change'. The Haitian President stressed on the modernization of the Michelet Destinoble park in Verrettes Artibonite and rehabilitation of the integrated program during the inauguration program.

Mr. President also assured that efforts are underway to make opportunity to engage more youth in sports. He expressed his interest and desire for adequate play areas with all kind of possible facilities. Any impediments that hinder youth development will be solved cordially, he added.

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The latest on the 2010 Haiti Election

Haiti Election 2010

Please share your information with us about the 2010 Haiti election. Any rumor, gossip, Zin, or anything you heard concerning the 2010 Haiti election, we have a place for it today.
The following is a list of issues I have heard so far on the 2010 Haiti Election. These information were reported by the news media, radios, newspapers, internet sites and other reliable sources.

This is what I have heard so far:

So far, the main issue on the day of the Haiti Election is that many people would walk into the Voting stations and are unable to see their name.

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