Riviera Beach man dead, believed to place voodoo curse

It will prove to be a case of which story is to be believed. In the case of the murder of Dennis Donahue, in which Haitian Valdano Riche has been indicted, the the court has already been witness to gruesome crime scene photographs which show the deceased lying on the ground, with his head suffused in blood. According to to the state attorney, the murder was committed because the accused wished to break a "spell" placed on him by the deceased. The evidence supporting this so far being more than that the defendant is of Haitian descent and voodoo is prevalent there, the state says it will show evidence from the interrogation of the defendant admitting to this version of events.


Still, Riche's lawyer presents a case in which, not quite stating her client didn't commit the act, the picture of yet another man, one jealous of the friendship shared by the deceased and the accused, is painted. The public defender said in her opening statements that the third man, one Isaiah George, had lost the attention of 40 year-old Donahue who had a particular affinity for Haitian culture and language which endeared him to Riche.

While the case has only just begun, the salacious circumstances of the death of Dennis Donahue, at his Riviera Beach home on December 15, 2012 where he had been shot dead, have made it a popular talking point for the community. Making it even more of a draw is the lure of the unknown world of Haitian voodoo culture. The case against the accused is not helped by another charge he also faces of attempted murder of yet another man he is charged with having shot at.

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